Newlyweds don’t have to leave the United States of America to have an amazing and beautiful honeymoon. There are some great options nearby, and some of them are even budget friendly. Whether you want to experience a bustling city or lounge on a beach, the U.S.A. has something for everyone.

1. Hawaii – Maui

There are a few different islands in the chain of Hawaii and has a variety of places to visit. There is the Big Island, Oahu, and Kauai. Maui is one of the most popular and offers nearly everything in some variety. Maui embraces their traditional culture; there are some great sights and shows to take in.

For those who like a bit of adventure, you can take some time to snorkel with the local sea creatures. Couples can visit Haleakala – the world’s largest dormant volcano. Of course, no Hawaii vacation is complete without spending an abundance of time on the beach, watching the waves and surfing.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Now, we take a trip down south. Charleston is everything one can dream of when they think of a southern city. Steeped in history, there is so much to do and to see while visiting. Take a tour of the mansions, dating back to before the Civil War. Couples have to visit a local plantation.

At night, take a tour of gas lamp lit streets and hear the local history, which is as interesting as the city itself. But, don’t think Charleston is stuck in the past. There are some world class restaurants and shopping available. If you are looking for some beach time, hop over to one of the local beach towns, such as Sullivan’s Island or Folly Beach. Civil War lovers and city goers alike would love a trip to Charleston.

3. Lake Tahoe

Nestled along the California-Nevada border sits Lake Tahoe. It is a lake that spans nearly 200 square miles. The beauty of this area is breathtaking. It holds a reputation because of its beauty, and it attracts thousands of visitors each week. Best Honeymoon recommends Lake Tahoe as one of the perfect destinations for those who love the outdoors. Newlyweds can hit the slopes and enjoy some of the best skiing in the world.

There is more to do besides hiking and skiing. You will find high-end dining and shopping on the lake’s north shore. Try your luck at one of the local casinos. Take a lake cruise or enjoy a mountain gondola ride. Lake Tahoe offers plenty to do.

4. Kennebunkport, Maine

If you can pronounce the name, you are in for a lovely, New England treat. Located along the southern coastal are of Maine, Kennebunkport offers a quaint town for newlyweds. Famed for being a getaway for politicians, the beaches abound for miles, along a rugged shoreline. Rent a sailboat and go up the coast, spotting all the beautiful homes.

There is no place like the coast of Maine to eat some locally caught and cooked lobster. Whether it is in a famed lobster roll for lunch or a classic boiled lobster dinner, you will find all the options down by the Wharf. Here, you can enjoy shops and dining, while watching the local fishers bringing in the daily catch. If you want to get away from it all, Kennebunkport is the place for you.

5. New York City, New York

For newlyweds who love a huge city, there is no place better to go than New York City. The number of things to do is never-ending. No trip to NYC is complete without a few things. A trip to visit our Statue of Liberty should be on the must-see list for everyone. For those who don’t mind heights, the view from the Empire State Building are breath-taking. Catch a Broadway show before having dinner in Times Square.

Besides an abundance of things to do, there are thousands of places to eat. Bagels made their start in New York City. Try some New York style pizza and stroll through Little Italy. Whatever kind of food you love, you will find it in New York City. Make sure to include a stop at Central Park!