If you thought that dressing now you are over fifty means that you are going to be boring, shapeless and frumpy, it’s time to think again! Being in the later years of your life provides you with the perfect excuse to become a seriously snappy and fashionable dresser. In fact, you may become even more fashionable and on trend than your children! Long gone are the days of baby sick or having to use practical and less than flattering outfit choices. Now you are aged fifty and over be sure to embrace colors, dress to impress and enjoy getting up and slipping into something sexy and fashionable, any day of the week.

Dress for your shape

No matter if this year’s fashion trend is for bell-bottomed trousers or maxi dresses, if you are short or tall, it is vital that you dress for your shape if you want to remain on trend and glamorous. Many fashion designers don’t design their pieces with the average female size and shape in mind. Remember, when it comes to being fashionable, you can choose key pieces from the season, without having to incorporate each and every look into your new wardrobe. From a statement handbag to a new pair of boots, or perhaps a stylish jacket, make sure that you choose accessories and items that flatter your best assets, rather than drawing attention to areas that you are less than fond of. Just a little thought and research can ensure you find clothing that suits you, and that you also feel confident in. There are options out there for everyone.

Less is more

Secondly, when it comes to dressing for your age, and looking seriously stylish, remember what your mother may have told you – less truly is more. You do not need to splash out on a whole new suit, big bold prints or seriously high stilettos and combine them all at once. If you are trying to dress for the season, then choose a few key pieces and be sure to rotate them into your current wardrobe. From faux fur to designer jewelry, keep it simple and understated if you want to make an impression, or else you could risk wearing clothes that aren’t necessarily suited to you. Make sure that you choose one statement item and work with it. You can also use clothes that you currently have in your closet too, without needing to spend an absolute fortune on new items that you will only use for this current season. So, if you have slim legs and ankles then be sure to invest in some shoes to show these off. While if you have a curvier figure, then make sure you use tailored items of clothing or dresses to accentuate these features.

Keep it practical

There is nothing worse than being out and about in an outfit that is uncomfortable, and you no longer enjoy wearing, just because you are trying to look fashionable and keep on trend. Make sure that whenever you are planning any outfit, you keep it practical and plan ahead to make sure that you are ready for the day or weather. During the spring months, the climate can be even more changeable, so ensure that you use layers and always keep a scarf or cardigan in your bag so that you can dress up and improve your outfit accordingly. If you are aged sixty or over, then you may find that you also begin to feel the cold even more, so it is crucial that you also dress for your health and wellness too, while remaining stylish and fashionable at the same time. Flat shoes and ballet pumps are not frumpy or boring, in fact, if you choose styles that have a little sparkle and detail they can add a whole new lease of life to your outfit. So be sure to keep your clothing practical and on trend, with a hint of stylish glamor.

Stylish accessories

Finally, you are bound to have a celebrity that is in your age group who you admire and would love to dress like, so why not emulate her style? You may find that your favorite dresser, such as Helen Mirren, has one key aspect of their appearance that they always accentuate through key accessories and colors. Make sure that you invest in decent accessories to compliment your outfits. You can always use a statement bag to help you make even a simple outfit look expensive and stylish, while a new pair of boots will help make your legs look longer and jazz up your skirt or trousers. You should never underestimate the importance of adding some serious sparkle to your outfits either, by adding some key jewelry pieces to your wardrobe. Accessories are the ideal way to add some glitz to your outfits while providing you with a piece that is a lifetime investment and necessary addition to your wardrobe.

When it comes to dressing for your age, choose outfits that still have a sense of stylish glamor, and be sure to keep your choices practical too. Make sure that you dress for your body type, as sadly not all fashion styles will suit you or your figure. Be sure too that you use accessories and colors sparingly, and cultivate the approach that less is more. Finally, be inspired by your favorite celebrities and choose pieces that are not only an investment but can also be added to a range of outfits. Enjoy experimenting with color and styles to make you look sophisticated and unique, without feeling the need to try to squeeze into outfits that simply do not look right on you. Following these tips and spending some time working out what works for you means you be well on your way to looking your best. No matter your sense of style, just because you are growing older, it does not mean that you can’t remain fabulous.