Top Decoration Ideas from Across the US

What is it about decorating that brings out the best in almost everything there is? Is it about color? Do shapes and sizes mean that much in a room? Decorating questions and answers could go on forever. Let’s explore some of the coolest top decoration ideas from across the US to see what all the decorating buzz is about!

Head West Young Man

If California dreamin’ ranks high on your decorations chart, then trendy decorations lean toward light and airy with a modern touch. California’s natural incentives largely include ocean and mountain flavors. Open-air living spaces call for either nature-inspired or nature-friendly decor. Many pieces are of Native Indian influence. Think Navajo.

Outdoor living areas are dotted with lightly colored solids and prints on floor cushions and throws while pops of color on white walls scream decorations de California. Weather-resistant woven grass rugs, beautiful cacti and colorful coastal flowers soften brightly lit rooms. Decorations of cushy furnishings made of wood, rattan, wicker and teak add stationary allure, while furnishings with straight, sleek lines create balance against lighter colors and softer curves.

Decorations in outdoor living spaces and kitchens are especially popular. Many California views overlook vast ocean and mountain landscapes for miles on end. Homes savor these views by using nature as its go-to decorations through the use of wide-open glass windows and doors that accommodate such views. Create a zen atmosphere with stunning water fountains, pottery decor and hand-crafted fire pits.

Rustic Fare if you Dare

One of the coolest areas of decor begins in the great city of Austin, Texas. Whether it’s exploring local shoppes, restaurants or new homes Austin displays some very chic decorating ideas. The grandest parts of this rustically decorated locale brings natural stones of all colors and textures, rich woods and designer-chic together in one very cohesive vision.

The central part of Texas offers stunning rustic inspiration for down-home decorations to fulfill the highest decorating expectations. Beautiful wooden beams stretched romantically across bead-board ceilings, hide rugs strewn across earthen stone flooring and gorgeous geometric glass and metal lighting come together in incredible homespun fashion. These, and touches of high-end artifacts, beautiful leather throw pillows and colorful hand-painted artwork create one of the most comfortable and timeless decorating trends around.

New England Architectural Designs  

The beautiful states of New England all share at least one memorable decorations point-of-view. History. Using history and historical sensibilities in decorating is the heart of New England’s most beautified areas. Two such popular New England decorating trends follow more traditional directions where history remains a welcomed asset. Victorian chic and New England coastal decors.

Victorian chic decorations are statements of historical days-gone-by with modern elements mixed in for a more up-to-date feel. Victorian period furnishings are known for beautiful fabrics of velvet, jacquard, damasks and heavy furnishings with intricate detail.

Coastal decor brings in a lighter feel, possibly referencing maritime schooners and those who have played integral roles in New England’s coastal integrity. Combining both coastal and Victorian chic decorations is a very popular trend. Heavier furnishings complemented by eyelet lace or sheer curtains speaks traditional volume with an unbelievably romantic voice.

Add a splash of coastal blues in main Victorian furnishings and accent with modern touches of animal print rugs. Keeping excess decorations to a minimum and hi-lighting architectural details on furniture, cornices and light fixtures will give you that warm New England feel in a New York minute.

Geographical home decorations, no matter where they originate adds unique luxury and allure to all living spaces. Even children can have fun adding their favorite regional decorations to the mix. New England scare crows in the fall, homemade Texas door mats made of re-salvaged flip-flops and California surfboards each make extraordinary decorations for the home.

Seeing where a little elbow grease and creative imagination can take your favorite decorations ideas can open up a whole new world of decorative cool!