Men and women almost always exhibit obvious differences when it comes to relationships. Women usually get into asking why men never stayed or why they quit at once after sometime. We may find it difficult to understand but knowing that men are naturally born mysterious, we are bound to dig deeper into the real cause of what makes them turn their back and lurk in silence after getting along for some time without explaining their resignation from the possible romance that awaits you.

  • Fear Of Commitment – Most men are adventurous and after experiencing a few moments of fun, they are bound to search for another. They come and go because they are afraid of commitment which can hinder them from getting more adventures and experiencing various acquaintances.
  • You Gave In Easily – Men love challenges and when you gave your all during the first night together, you gave them success at once. Love usually takes longer to develop and for your man to stay, let him take you as a trial which requires longer time to win.
  • He Met Another – Imagine how easily you two met and try to realize it will also be easy for him to get the attention of other girls like you. There is a pool of options out there and if your man did not find that special qualities in you which he has been looking for in years, he quit from the connection.
  • He Is A Natural Player – To further understand Why Men Pull Away, accept the fact that they love to play. They do not really want to get stuck unless they felt that glow in their hearts during the first time you met. Men enjoy being single and they want to keep counting how many women were fooled by their charm.
  • He Is Stifled – Some women are too domineering that hurts men’s ego unintentionally. Men would always want to be your protective armor. They want to feel needed and wanted. If in case your most recent man just pulled away, try to conduct a self-check: were you to jealous? Did you demand too much of his attention that you wanted him to be by your side at all times? Did you ever get angry at his inability to answer your calls while he is at work? Space is a crucial need which a man should have even when he is really madly in love with you.
  • Personal Issues – There is nothing wrong with you. You are special, caring, loving, and you possess almost all the qualities that a man would seek for a long term partner. He pulls away because he has personal concerns which you might not be aware of. This might include him being already committed to another woman and seeing you will make a cheating jerk out of him. If this happens, let him have the chance to sort his issues. He will be back into your arms if fate allows him to.

Whenever you get into that situation when you feel that your man is slowly getting out of your sight, it is time to look into the mirror ad evaluate. If you think you did your best to make him stay, then turn to him and communicate how you feel. Asking would save a lot of guess work.

Author Bio:

Tony Callison is a psychologist who ventured into understanding the attitude of men and women towards romance and relationships and sharing his thoughts on this through blogs and online media.