Every child is unique. When a child enters our life it gives us nothing but happiness. Birth of a child is a feeling of complete bliss and if you get to experience this magic more than once you are very lucky. But relationships are tangles wires which get even more jumbled with the extra load of emotions of different age people. This is applicable to the siblings of different age too. Although, the level of complicity here is much higher as kids are much more sensitive than adults and often assume many things which are not true only circumstantial.

At some point, every family with kids’ faces these problems. Even couples who have a single child sometimes find themselves in the middle of this children-not-ready-to-adjust chaos when a relative with a much younger kid visits them for a few days. What makes this situation even more explosive is that their own child is on the verge of entering the teenage.

Preparation Of The Arrival Of Younger One- This can help tremendously, especially in the case of a much old single child. Before the arrival of the other kid, be it a relative’s younger kid or the sibling, the elder kid should be informed properly in advance. The proper information would help the child to be mentally prepared for the events which are about to unfold. Although patience is a virtue which develops with time, still this pro-active step might help a lot. Gifts can also help here.

Let Them Communicate- Kids of all age have to communicate properly with each other. Make them sit together on meals or on family outings so they can have some non-distracted talk time. They themselves can only make it most clear what they like and what they don’t like. Proper communication would help them bond and respect each other’s space. They can also find some common hobbies and spend some quality time together.

No Interference- Parents should refrain themselves from interfering in every big and small situation rising among the kids. Sometimes when parents interfere, they might, by mistake, or after judging the situation not so thoroughly, say or do something unfair. It can reflect on entire family really badly if a kid starts thinking that parents are being partial in any manner.

Respect And Care- Both are equally important. When two kids of different age fight, we generally ended up saying that the elder one should adjust as the other one is little and won’t understand. This ancient logic of age difference effects both kids badly. The elder one feels neglected and less-loved and the younger one start taking more and more advantage of the situation. The best way to tackle this is to let them talk to you in front of each other and then alone. Try to solve the problem without using the excuse of age. When explained properly, all age kids understand what is wrong and what is right.

A proper Explanation Of Importance Of Relationship- They both must know that they both are related and extremely important to each other. They both need each other, love each other and care for each other because that’s what family does. Parents can set examples for kids by behaving the same way in family. That’s the best way to teach kids.

The Personal Space- They both need to have their personal space. In this time visiting each other’s room should be strictly prohibited. Try to prepare their room with extra care. What they like, what they love to do in free time and what are their personal possession they want to keep safe, all of these should have proper space around them. Although after reading so many requirements, the need of buying so much of different kind of furniture and furnishing can tire you in terms of cost and effort. But we can suggest a perfect solution for this particular problem. Best quality furniture on rent in Bombay, NCR, Pune and Bengaluru are available. Get all that your family needs. Give your kids as much space as possible.

Renting Furniture becomes a blessing when a relative is visiting for a short period and you want to make your house comfortable for them without disturbing your own routine. Get all the furniture and furnishing on rent, use it as long as you want and return once everyone leaves.

It Goes Both Ways-Stay completely fair. Whatever advice you feel is necessary to convey or any punishments or any rewards, everything has to be for both parties or for all parties in case there are more than two. Treat every child with complete fairness and don’t show any favoritism.

Having said all that, how can we forget that they are just kids. They see the world through our eyes. They observe us and move forward in life. So mostly it’s up to us how we shape their world. If we give love and respect they would spread love and respect only. So keep loving and keep living.