A Honemoony tour to Morocco is always special, impressive, and very active. Definitely, you need to put it on the top of your bucket list when you are interested in other cultures because Morocco will stimulate all your senses. It is a country with beautiful and diverse nature, beautiful architecture, and perfect roads for trips. Along the way, you will drive through the most enchanting landscapes and special cities.

Transportation in Morocco:

Before we start talking about the 7 most beautiful places where to spend your honeymoon in Morocco, it is very important to know about Morocco’s means of transportation and the choices that you have.

Firstly, the first choice that you have is to use the public transportation such as Grand Taxis. Secondly, and one of the most suitable things that couple travelers do is to rent a car and drive by themselves, this way you have complete freedom to come and go wherever you want. Finally, the most suitable plan for travelers and especially first time visitors is to hire a Moroccan travel agency. This plan allows you to live and discover Morocco with natives, as a result travel as a local. Clearly, what makes hiring a travel agency better is that everything is planned at the first step, so you will not have to worry about where to stay, where to go or even what to eat.

How many days do you need for this journey?

If you want to cover all of these 7 destinations, we advise you to take at least 7 days, but a few extra days can certainly not hurt. If you have less time, you will have to skip a few places such as Essaouira or/and Chefchaouen so that you only have to travel between Fes and Marrakech and skip these “detours”. However, if you choose to rent a car or use public transportation, you will difinetly need more days.

The start and end point of your honeymoon journey:

In general, there are four main international airports where you can land and start your honeymoon travel in Morocco. Most travelers start their journey through Morocco in the north and book a tour from there or pick up their car in Tangier or Fes before returning it in Marrakech at the end. This way you will start your journey in the quieter cities and end in the nice chaotic Marrakech. So you need two separate plane tickets because you start and end your journey at a different destination. Depending on the prices of the tickets you can choose to fly to Tangier or Fes.


Depending on when you arrive in Morocco you can, after hiring a travel agency or picking up a rental car in Tangier or Fes, drive straight on to Chefchaouen or stay a night in one of these cities. The blue city of Chefchaouen is a great place to start your journey. The entire medina is painted blue and white and there is something beautiful to discover behind every corner. The atmosphere is relaxed compared to other cities in Morocco and that makes it the perfect place to taste Moroccan culture at your leisure! Many say that the reason why the city is painted in blue is that the Jews had the habit to paint their walls in that color because it reminds them of the sky which gets them closer to God and heaven. Other people say that, it is just to get rid of mosquitoes! Above all, the blue-painted walls are just phenominal and suitable for new married couples, especially for taking pictures and having great memories.


Bustling Fes is the oldest royal city in Morocco. The medina is a maze of alleyways and you imagine yourself right there in a fairy tale. In Fes, you can visit the largest tannery in Africa where you can see the age-old process of tanning with your own eyes. Here you can buy a cheap leather bag or a typical Moroccan pouf. A visit to the Koranic schools Al-Attarine Medersa and Bou Inania Medersa is not to be missed. Both were built in the 14th century and are fantastically beautiful due to the many details of mosaic and woodcarving. Not to forget the oldest university in the world, Al-Qarawiyine university, which was built by Fatima Al Fihri.


Many couples choose to start their Morocco tours from Fes, so you may also consider this choice and start your journey from this site!

Merzouga and the Sahara:

Merzouga is a town that lies directly on the Erg Chebbi desert which is part of the Sahara. With its golden dunes, the desert of Merzouga is a real heaven for couples willing to spend their honeymoon. Usually travelers drive from Fes directly to Merzouga and arrive at the evening, have a camel ride and spend the night in a desert camp. However, you can stay somewhere halfway(Maybe Zaida or Midelt) and arrive in the desert on the other day.

In the evening, you can see the brightest starry sky as you sit by the campfire and the locals pull out their musical instruments. Instead of lying by the pool and at the end of that long drive, you can also go quad or buggy biking through the desert. Also, you can rent a 4×4 car and drive around the desert to discover its surroundings. For example, you can go on a visit to the Berber Nomads that still living under tents or go to Khamlia and visit the Gnaoua people.

In general there are plenty of activities and beautiful places to visit in the desert of Merzouga which makes of it a perfect place for your Honeymoon and for sure needs more than one day.

Todgha Gorges:

Morocco is known for its lively cities and the Sahara, but did you know that you can also take incredibly beautiful walks there? The next destination is the Todgha Gorges, a large orange canyon reminiscent of nature reserves in the united states. Here you can stay in unique accommodation, in the middle of the canyon and make a cool hike of about 3 hours. If you leave Merzouga at 9:30 you can make this hike the same afternoon. If you don’t make it, you can get up early the next morning to make the hike.


Aït-Ben-Haddou is perhaps the most beautiful ksar in Morocco. The fortress is unique because it is partly built on a hill. The structure is reinforced with walls and watchtowers and within these walls, you will find a labyrinth of narrow alleys. This small village is one of the main places where many movies were shot, taking the example of the British-American epic historical drama film “Gladiator”. Not to mention that Ait Benhaddou was listed as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1987.


Via the winding roads through the Atlas Mountains, you finally arrive in the red city of Marrakech. You will immediately notice that it is a lot more chaotic here. Here you can look for the hustle and bustle of the Jemaa el Fna square or the souks where hundreds of shops can be found. Would you rather retreat and enjoy the sunshine? Then look for one of the rooftop bars or go early in the morning to the famous Majorelle garden where you can take the most beautiful pictures. Of course, there is much more to do see in this city such as visiting Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque, the secret garden and many more..

In the last years Marrakech have been nominated as the tourism capital of Morocco and many choose to start their tours from it. Also, for the those who want camel trek and camp at Berber tents, TripAdvisor has rated the Marrakech desert tours 3 days as the most trip itinerary that many tourists book in their platform.


In the coastal town of Essaouira, you will experience a completely different side of Morocco than you are used to until now. The atmosphere here is a lot less hectic. Essaouira is the perfect destination to end your journey. Visit the harbor where you can eat fresh fish or shrimps or go horseback riding during the sunset. In the medina, you will find a number of nice cafes and lunches and you will see a lot of street musicians.