If you’re a fashion enthusiast you sure must have heard about ROPOSO, a fashion website that is slowly growing and widening its scope. A newbie on ROPOSO, Nervous? Excited? Curious? Or all of the above! Well if yes, then that’s a good thing. For fear, excitement and curiosity is a powerful combination! ROPOSO is every fashionistas solace. A place where she can discuss and learn all about fashion to her hearts content. But ROPOSO also offers its users a public platform to put forth her views and opinions. Now everyone wants their idea to be appreciated and liked. But it is easier said than done. Unlike Facebook, it is pretty tough to get followers on ROPOSO. Given below are 7 style tips that you can incorporate on your profile to make it more appealing and attract more readers. Check them out-

A fresh and stylish profile picture

The first thing that any reader notices when he/she visits your profile is your display picture. Keep it simple but unique, something that stands out among the million other users. You can keep your own picture, a picture that is stylish and chic set in an exotic location. Or maybe anything related to fashion, like a really pretty bag or accessories. Also keep your profile neat, and fill in the details in such a way that looks crisp and appealing.

Post good quality content regularly

This is the most important factor. As a fashion savvy person, you sure must have ideas and opinions about the different aspects of fashion. ROPOSO gives you the golden opportunity to express them. Put yourself out there and be open to other ideas as well. ROPOSO is an interactive forum that encourages discussions on fashion. Don’t bash or abuse other users as that is unethical and has deadly consequences. Post innovative and unconventional content consistently. Be regular in your posts to maintain the viewership.

Embrace your uniqueness, it makes you stand out

Your uniqueness is your strongest point. Get inspired but don’t blindly copy from the established users. Sure their content is better, far more attractive and has a larger reader base but even they had to start from scratch. Learn from their experience but don’t lose your originality. Post what you like even if it’s different from others. The audience always appreciates creativity. Also it makes you stand out among the thousands of other profiles. Explore niche topics, such as bridal mehendi tips.

Keep the tone casual, fun and engaging

Your content should be authentic and technically sound, but also engaging and interesting. You’d want to post content that your audience wants to read. Keep the tone simple and colloquial. Don’t use flowery words or exaggerated expressions. Remember, it is not an essay keep it conversational. Also the topic that you choose is important. It is okay that you’d want to post something unconventional but keep a hold on reality as well. Relatable and readable content that is engaging and grammatically sounds would win you a solid reader base

Post pictures with catchy captions and hashtags

As it is a fashion website, pictures are mandatory. It also makes your content much more attractive and appealing. For instance, when you post DIY tutorials, pictures help the user follow it, she can now check if she’s doing it right or not. These pictures must be accompanied by catchy captions and trendy hashtags to link it to other similar topic. This widens the audience circle and it reaches out to more people. Captions make the content much more engaging and fun while adding trendy hashtags helps you connect to a large number of people.

Categorise and manage your posts systematically

Keep your profile neat and organised. Arrange your posts in a systematic either on the basis of date or on the basis of popularity. You’d want your audience to see the best of your work first. Also provide authentic and proper information on your profile. Keep it interesting and attractive. Your profile must look inviting and interesting to any reader, so that he wants to follow you. Add interesting themes and colours on your profile that reflects your style statement.

Follow famous fashion icons and get the limelight

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could visit your favourite celebs and know all about their lives? Their personal lives, likes and dislikes stuff like that? Well ROPOSO gives you the option of following the profiles of the famous fashion divas. Now you can see what trends they sport or what styles and brands they wear…small but significant details like that would send your inner fangirl hyperventilating! But there’s more! These popular celebs might follow you back as well if they like your profile! Bask in their glory and increase your popularity among users.