Colors can make or break your home. If you are using interior house painting services for your Wichita home, you must avoid the following mistakes to get things right.

1. Opting for colors that exactly match your favorite objects-if you want a certain piece to stand out in the room, use a color that is softer. Rather than choosing the exact brown that this there in the rug, use a lighter and more subtle brown so that the brown color in the rug pops out.

2. Choosing very bright colors-bright colors can be too strong for most interiors. Rooms that are very large and spacious and receive lot of sunshine can handle bright colors. but very bright colors may not look good in small spaces that get little or no light.

3. Not considering the space when choosing the color-warm colors like earthy reds, rusty golds, and dusty plums are appropriate for formal rooms like dining rooms. Such colors make people feel good. Cool colors like blues, greens, and lavenders make people feel cool and comfortable and are therefore appropriate for living rooms and bedrooms. Bright colors often make people feel anxious in bedrooms. Before choosing colors, think how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish in a particular space.

4. Mixing too many colors at once-though there is no rule that defines how many colors you can use in a room, you must avoid mixing too many colors in a room. The room would look far from being peaceful. It is better to aim for one or two primary colors and use a handful of secondary, accent colors. Spread the colors evenly throughout the room.

5. Not creating spots for the eyes to rest-it is of the utmost importance to create empty spaces inside the room so as to provide the eye places to rest. Include large elements in neutral colors that balance with the bold colors that you have selected.

6. Using wrong finish-this can have a huge impact on the success of colors that you choose for your room. You may have selected the right color, but something may still be missing. May be a bit of sheen would have looked better if you went full glossy. Or something too shiny could have been subdued with matte finish. Check different finishes when picking out colors.

7. Not considering light-right light can make a color look great, and it can also make white look dingy or grey appear lavender. Before you paint a wall, view the potential color in all light of the day and also in the artificial light. If a color doesn’t work the way you thought it would, take it back to the store or consult your interior house painting services provider in Wichita. They would be able to point you in the direct direction.