Are you planning on a luxury holiday by the sea this year? Then, consider going to Italy as the country offers the best places for a quick escape and a great getaway for the whole family.

Be impressed with Italy’s mesmerizing white beaches that are perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving swimming and even fishing. The whole family can spend the entire day relaxing by the water and there is more to explore when you go hiking.

Here Are Some of The Best Beaches You Can Find in Italy:

#1. Otranto Beach, Otranto:

If you want a family-oriented vacation that gives the best in sand and scenery, then visit Otranto Beach. Visitors can enjoy a day of snorkelling, diving and swimming while not worrying about the great places to eat out. And if you want to go for a picnic, just head to the nearest supermarket and stock up some snacks. This is the best place to stay if you want quality spots by the shore in an Italian family-style seaside vacation.

#2. Viareggio, Tuscany:

Another great place for an Italian seaside holiday where the whole family can enjoy the white sand, dapper grand hotels and Belle Époque villas. You and your loved ones will for sure appreciate their outstanding fish restaurants such as Miro alla Lanterna and the beautiful Romano. Staying at Viareggio will let you feel that you are in a little Florence-by-the-Sea and you will for sure come back to this beautiful place just like the other families who have been regularly occupying the same sun loungers for three generations.

#3. Cala Goloritze, Sardinia:

This tiny place in Sardinia has earned recognition from UNESCO in 1995 because of its Old Towns, ancient temples and national park, which mostly tell you how beautiful and special this island is. You can visit it by boat or an hour of hike from the car park. Once on Cala Goloritze, you will be amazed by its clear blue water and great white ivory sand that you can enjoy for yourselves.

#4. San Vito lo Capo, Sicily:

Families love to stay at San Vito lo Capo and is even popular for Mediterranean yachters. While they do not offer Taormina-style marketplaces, they do offer a low-rise garden town panorama. You can also enjoy centuries of Arab cuisine influence: couscous and not pasta, as their main carb.

#5. Cala Granara, Sardinia:

This is the kind of beach you mostly dream about when you wish you want to be on vacation. With its powder-soft white sand and shallow blue water combined with tropical palms as the main backdrop, what more can you ask for? Visit Cala Granara on the islet of Spargi, which is in the region of the Maddalena archipelago on the famous Costa Smeralda in Sardinia.

#6. Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa:

To go the largest Italian Pelegie Islands, spend half an hour of hiking over thick vegetation and rocks. But once you arrive at the island, you will find a picturesque location with great views, clear turquoise water and powdery sand and even be amazed by the never-ending Mediterranean extending as far as you can see.

#7. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa:

If you want to enjoy a remote beach while still enjoying the great beauty of the place, then don’t miss out on the Rabbit beach. There are a lot of things to do in the area as you can go snorkelling or diving as you admire the loggerhead turtles, then visit the remains of the Roman ruins and the prehistoric huts. All in all, a day at the Rabbit beach will keep you busy while enjoying everything this luxury holidays Italy has to offer.

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