A super Trumpet is sometimes called a tornado, an abyss, or a funnel. As the most representative water slide in water parks, the super trumpet is always loved by thrill-seekers. Swing and glide around in the super trumpet, feel weightlessness and roar with laughter in instant thrills and spills. This extraordinary riding experience will amaze most visitors on their first trip to the aqua parks. Now let’s see the top 6 most distinctive super trumpetwater slides in the world. 

1. Abyss – Vana Nava Water Jungle (Thailand)

This giant trumpet has a strong visual impact, and the twisted closed slide connects a huge open trumpet mouth. Starting from a 30-meter super high platform, you will swing with the huge waves in the dark, deep pipeline. Imbalanced and weightless, you will cheer with joy and rush into the huge trumpet in the vortex!

2. Tornado – Six Flags White Water Atlanta (United States)

Shooting from a 75-feet platform, you will rush down a 132-foot tunnel. Then you will be sunk into an incredibly huge 60-foot-wide funnel, where you will feel the full thundering power of the Tornado. Your floating raft will spin round and round like a pendulum for nearly four times before you are shot out from the bottom. You can’t do anything but hold on tight!

3. Abyss – Hanwha Resort Haeundae (South Korea)

Starting from a height of 30 meters, you will board a raft of four to six people. It is designed as a funnel, where the raft slides down the original chute before “swinging” around the funnel and reaching a near-vertical angle. You will scream loud in a fully-enclosed dark environment, which adds a touch of thrill and excitement.

4. Howlin’ Tornado – Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound (USA)

You will sit on a four-person raft and enjoy an ultra-fast thrilling ride. The water park’s favorite fast incline twists and turns will make you cry, even before you fall into the fun funnel on the sixth floor. Before you rush into the last tunnel, first see how high you can climb the wall, and then make an unforgettable splash.

5. Tropical Cyclone – Center Parcs Elveden Forest (UK)

Ever wondered what it would be like to ride on a Zambezi raft, plummet down the Iguazu Water Falls and spin around the Naruto whirlpools of Japan? Well, Tropical Cyclone has transported the experience of these natural wonders to Center Parcs Elveden Forest. It is the world’s first creation that combines the natural forces across three continents and the ultimate family thrill experience.

6. Super Trumpet – Chimelong Water Park (China)

This big trumpet, with a diameter of 40 meters at the top, becomes narrower at the bottom. You will experience this unique ride as a family in a four-person clover-shaped raft. As you wind your way to the bottom, you will feel like spinning and sucked into a huge trumpet by a tornado. Powerless to do anything? Just hold on tight and scream!

Super trumpets have always been the most popular and exciting water slide in any park, a must-play for every visitor. Many water park equipment manufacturers have worked on improving super trumpets. New details like higher angle, larger type, sound-and-light effects as well as theme packaging are applied to the new wet slides, bringing more fun and thrill to tourists. For water slide suppliers, improving products will increase the cost but bring rewarding results.

One such example is Guangdong Dalang Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. After ten years of manufacturing, Dalang has gained considerable technical expertise in wet slides and can produce excellent super trumpets. Dalang ‘s brand new super trumpet comes with a more shocking open shape and an optical design. The water slide stands at 18.2m tall, equivalent to the height of an English oak tree. Dalang will develop more sci-fi super trumpets with acousto-optic effects and VR in years to come.

For more information, please visit: https://www.gddalang.com