Growing tomatoes is an adventure for most homeowners who are passionate about potted gardens. The process can be disastrous or incredibly rewarding depending on how you do it. Sometimes, failures can be as a result of reasons that are beyond your control. However, there are mistakes that you can avoid to help increase the chances of successfully growing healthy tomatoes. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.


Putting lots of tomato plants in a single pot may seem like an excellent idea. However, it is counterproductive in the long run. Two tomatoes plants can produce a bounty harvest of fruits and this is why you should follow the recommended number of plants to guarantee the success of your plants. You do not want your plants to have an inadequate supply of nutrients and water and end up with unhealthy or unproductive plants.

Not enough Sun

Tomatoes love the sun and they require full sun. This means that they should grow in a location that provides direct, unobstructed sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours. Most people tend to overestimate the amount of sun that a specific area gets. Before planting up your grow boxes, you should determine the amount of sun that the area gets using a sunlight meter or a watch. Furthermore, the amount of sun hitting a spot can also change dramatically over time so you should check every week to ensure no obstructions are blocking the sun.

Excessive water

Watering your plants properly is fundamental to tomato success.  Excess water will drown your plants, while very little water will result in blossom end rot. In addition, inconsistent watering will result in split tomatoes, stressed plants, or blossom end rot. You must ensure that the soil in your grow boxes is consistently moist or damp, but not wet. With a grow box, you will ensure that your tomatoes will grow healthy because you will have control over the water that gets to your plants.

Small containers

When it comes to tomatoes, the bigger containers or grow boxes are the best. The bigger the growbox tomato planter you use, the more soil it will have and the better the soil will hold water. In addition, more soil means more nutrients available for the plants. Consistent food and water are the most important elements that guarantee healthy tomato plants and a bountiful harvest.


In addition to sunlight, tomatoes also need warm temperatures. Your tomato seeds will not sprout until they are consistently warm. You can take the tomatoes out early for them to get warm and grow quickly. You can also cover the tomatoes with plastic or clothes, especially during the cold seasons. Additionally, you can also put them on wagons and carts and haul them in and out of your garage with ease until temperatures warm up.

Caging or staking too late

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is caging and staking their tomatoes late. Tomatoes tend to grow very fast and you should not wait for them to grow unwieldy and huge before caging them. It is advisable that you start setting up the stakes and cages way before your tomatoes grow big. This way, you will be able to control their growth before they spread all over the place.

Tomatoes are some of the most used vegetables for cooking. When you can grow your own tomatoes, you will save up a lot of money in the long run. Avoid the common mistakes listed above and grow healthy and fruitful tomatoes.