The flooring of any room can be said to be the foundation of its décor. Its installation and the material used are very important since they need to last for a really long time. Therefore, before choosing appropriate flooring for your home it is wise to give a lot of forethought to the material that you would like to use. Concrete is one flooring material that many designers as well as people in general have shown interest in, in the recent past. Concrete floors are seen almost everywhere in places such as offices, homes and other public areas since they offer durability and a smooth finish at an affordable cost. Concreting floors has proved to be a superior option when compared to the use of other materials, in terms of strength and therefore used extensively for flooring today. When we think of cement we picture it as gray in color, however, today they are available in different colors. You can choose from a range of colors based on your preference and beautify the floor of your home or office with concreting.

Advantages of concreting floors

  1. Easy Availability of Materials: Concreting floors can prove to be sustainable, since raw material is already available on construction sites in the form of concrete or concrete slabs. With this you do not need to get fresh raw materials, and after concreting the floor a polish and sealing can give it a perfect finish.
  1. Cost Effective: For installing concrete floors, basic concreting is priced low and complex concreting is priced a little higher. However, the overall cost inclusive of polishing costs is cheaper and affordable when compared to the cost of acquiring materials such as slate, marble and granite. Due to this reason concreting is preferred by many.
  1. Easy Maintenance: Concrete floors are easy to maintain on an everyday basis and can be done with a simple round of mopping with soap water. Additionally, if you need to give it a deep clean then a simple cleanser can be used. To attain superior results, you could install a baseboard along with the concrete floor.
  1. Textures: Many opt for stained concrete as it offers wonderful textures in different colors and gives the room a pleasant and warm atmosphere. You could also opt for polished concrete that gives the floor a glossy and smooth finish. These have been used since the Roman times and are widely used today since it complements modern architecture very well. Exposed Aggregate is another option that you can go for that gives you beautiful and natural textures based on the additional material used. They come in different types such as stone, glass or some other material.
  1. Range of Colors: Concrete is now available in different colors, so you can choose a color tone that blends well with the interior décor of the room or office. You can even avoid staining your concrete floor by painting, dyeing or using tinted sealers on them.
  1. Enhances Other Elements In The Room: Concrete floors can highlight or enhance the beauty of other elements in the room. It can especially highlight any architectural design that often gets lost with other kinds of flooring. The concrete floor can be kept bare or be covered with a carpet based on your preference. Some do not prefer carpets due to health issues and allergies, and therefore the floor can be left the way it is. Remember, though that this choice can have a direct impact on the aesthetic of the room.

There are certainly various advantages to concrete floors. Consider all these to make a well informed decision and join the band wagon of elegant looking rooms.