It’s been a long and interesting year, and that means that new trends and ideas have and still will come to the wedding industry. One or two of these trends may possibly have hit the trend lists before, but are currently seeing an increase in popularity in 2016.

Same Day Videos

Why wait for your wedding video? There has been a definite increase in the number of newly married couples who have requested same day edits of their wedding footage. This option seems to be particularly popular with the wedding guests, as it lets them to relive the treasured memories from earlier on in the day. Looking for the perfect wedding video in Perth? Make sure to make that special day, real special!

Wedding Bloopers

Who doesn’t enjoy a good old laugh? (Well, there are some exceptions!) This is what this wedding video trend is currently taking advantage of. During the course of that special day, there will definitely be some embarrassing and hilarious moments in time that will be caught on film. From an uncle who drank too much, to dear granddad giving it the old rock ‘n’ roll at reception, they all add up to belly rumbling mirth enjoyed by all. These outtakes are usually played at the end of the wedding video, as the credits role.

Wedding Docs

No, not the medical kind! Alternatively to making the typical video of a couple walking down the aisle and saying those cherished words ‘I Do,’ more and more detailed, cinema-like documentaries of the couple’s wedding day are becoming increasingly popular. Most respectable videographers have achieved filmmaker skills and are changing wedding footage into indie film quality videos. The object is to focus on natural reactions, body language and events that make the day so unique, such as conversations between guests, facial expressions of the bride, groom and guests.

Drone WeddingFootage

Now this one looks set to be popular not only for 2016, but the future also. Aerial wedding footage is not now only for celebrities and paparazzi. More brides and grooms are requesting photographers to capture aerial footage of the whole wedding panorama and the use of drones has now made it possible to have a video never dreamed of not that many years ago.


Filming Non-Traditional Moments

When thinking about wedding films, most people conjure up the traditional moments that are so often the case such as the exchange of vows, the cutting of the cake or dancing at the reception. Nevertheless, these days, a growing number of people want to see more of the personal moments that make each wedding so exclusive. If you’re fortunate enough to live in W. Australia, check out for that perfect wedding video experience by seasoned professionals. More wedding films than ever before are showing those personal moments such as the first time the groom sees the bride, or how the bride and groom interact with their parents and new families. Such moments add a really private and individual touch to the video.

Hoping that your wedding turns out to be as perfect as you are! Good luck and stay strong!