Jeans are overhyped these days for a reason. Brits do love the accent of denim fabrics in their everyday wear, and that’s why they opt for exclusive clothing trends. UK clothing manufacturers have evolved so much only to quench their denim thirst. But if you don’t own a branded denim to date, I can bet that you have missed the luxury of English fashion. Ok, are you a brit? Then why are you still living in the 70s’ world?

Leave it. Even if you are not a brit, but still a jeans fanatic, knowing about the best clothing manufacturers UK is essential before you colour your denim collection. I have seen much of this incredible jeans industry and thus can assure you that clothing manufacturers UK not only build top-notch denim products, they do acknowledge the trends also to remain competitive in the market. So, if you are concerned about decorating your jeans inventory or buying your first ever branded jeans item, let me tell you about the top five jeans merchandise in the UK. 

Primark UK

Primark is probably the most popular clothing manufacturer in the UK that specializes in denim fabrics. Statista shows that they boast over 4000 k users by 2018. Though Primark was initially founded in Dublin, Ireland, they quickly moved to build the most celebrated history in the UK. Their Birmingham High Street store is the main centre that controls sales worldwide. Fashion enthusiasts like me all over the world recognize Primark as one of the most prominent to date denim designers and best quality jeans exporter. They believe denim is a way to live life, and they materialize their concept by providing consumers with cost-effective wears.

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Lee Cooper

One of the pioneers of modern denim creations in the UK, Lee Cooper, holds unprecedented support and love from the natives. Since 1908, they have been testing the limits in jeans garments, and so far, they have sustained their success. They are indeed an inspiration for the underdog clothing manufacturers UK. Lee Cooper has an enriched history of introducing exclusive concepts of jeans for men and women. While they are specialized in selvedge denim, the world knows them as a go-to-denim manufacturer for British rock ‘n’ roll bands.

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Forge Denim

The motto of Forge Denim is to produce the best-quality jeans the UK has ever witnessed. Perhaps this is the reason I hesitated much before picking their products. Their products come in a little bit high range of price, but the class they offer is visibly uncompromised. If you ask me the best brand for top-notch denim fits, Forge Denim is the answer. While they mostly concentrate on selvedge denim, they have adapted the trend of Raw denim also. They have a fascinating idea of perfect fitting with the user’s figure. Users can personalize their choices after selecting any design. 

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Rosecarth International

I have let you know the best B2C manufacturers till now, but when it comes to B2B marketers, then Rosecarth could be the most dedicated brand. Since their foundation at Huddersfield in 1974, they had to dig a hard way to establish themselves as a leader among clothing manufacturers UK. They promise the most competitive time frame to produce the latest trends in jeans, single jersey, swimwear and some popular fabrications. Their transparency over any deal has made them a trusted source over 50 years and still progressing. 

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Next jeans

When Statista surveyed the demand and trend of denim in the UK market, Next Jeans came out as the second most popular clothing manufacturer UK. Their enriched history of men’s and women’s denim styles has conquered the attention of over 3200 k people in the UK. They are a leader when it comes to versatility to manufacture clothing. While Next has extended its services to be a franchise rather than just a brand, its cumulative “One Brand: Two ways of shopping” remains one of the most convenient home shopping programs for the users. Their jeans offerings include a customizable range of Skinny fit, slim fit, straight fit, regular, and smart jeans.

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