When it comes to recharging and having an escape, it’s important to schedule vacations that allow you to explore a new destination and have a break from your normal routine. Although many families choose to visit Disney World for their annual trip, there are other types of vacations that will prove to be memorable and less traditional. Here are a few of the top vacations that you can’t miss out on when planning your next excursion with your loved ones.

1. Lake Geneva, Wis.

When you want to spend time on the water and enjoy lazy summer afternoons, Lake Geneva is the perfect place to plan a trip due to the gorgeous views and historic mansions that are in the area. Many families visit the location for the 50,000-square-foot water park and for the long list of outdoor activities that are available in the local area. Many stables are present in the destination, which is ideal for those who want to take horseback riding lessons. Canopy zip-lining is also a popular activity to enjoy that allows you to get a unique perspective of the surroundings while enjoying a bit of adrenaline. The Victorian Black Point Estate is also a popular attraction to tour to view the lavish furnishings and architecture of the property.

2. San Diego, CA

San Diego attracts an average of 35 million people each year due to its beautiful beaches and bustling downtown area, according to sandiegouniontribune.com. The city has an annual high temperature of 69 degrees, making it a great place to explore in each season. You can easily get around with a rental car. Consider driving a used Chrysler 300, which is roomy enough for your family to travel in when you’re visiting SeaWorld or are heading to Coronado during your trip.

3. Yellowstone

Yellowstone offers lush lakes and beautiful peaks that are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who want to spend time in the great outdoors. Yellowstone is popular for its natural beauty and can be enjoyed for its hot springs, picturesque meadows, and lush forests that are present throughout the park. You can go hiking as a family and take photos of the destination while camping in an RV or a tent. Yellowstone is desirable for many tourists because it’s home to Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic Spring, which are popular places to explore.

4. London

Perhaps one of the most popular destinations in the world, London is a beautiful country that offers a rich history. You can get around by taking bus tours that allow you to get on and off throughout the day as you explore the city. When you have children in tow, the British Museum and the National History Museum are large establishments that have many exhibits on display for a memorable learning experience. Landmark attractions that are most visited by tourists include Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, and Westminster Abbey. Hyde Park is also a popular place to find families and is ideal for having a picnic.

5. Glen Rose, Texas

Glen Rose is a haven for families due to the Dinosaur Valley State Park that is present. The state park has preserved dinosaur tracks the Paluxy River and also welcomes visitors to take a wagon tour of the grounds. Fishing is also available where children can try to get their first catch. Those who want to continue learning can head to the downtown area where many museums are present, which is considered to be the Dinosaur Capital of Texas and is of interest for all ages.


Taking a vacation should be an exciting experience that is unique and memorable. By finding the right destination to travel to with your loved ones, you can plan an itinerary that revolves around the different interests of your family.