Businesses are always looking for ways to make their operations better and be ahead of their competition. One of the technologies most businesses undermine is IVR. IVR is a short form for Interactive Voice Response, which in simpler terms is an Auto Attendant. The phrase “Auto Attendant” might sound archaic but technology is everywhere and is only getting better with time.

Yes, it’s that “thing” you hear when you call your bank or phone service provider- but over the years it has gotten more than that. It can’t assemble Ikea furniture for you, yet. However, the technology of the best IVR Service Provider can do a lot for businesses.

Before we get onto what IVR can do, it’s important to understand the following- what is IVR, types of IVR & how cloud-based IVR solution works.

Interactive Voice Response is a highly interactive and effective tool. It allows a computer or an automated response to respond to customer queries and interact. It basically voice that lets a customer know menu options when they dial a company’s support or business number

Customers interact with the automated voice by dialing numbers in the keypad or reiterating keywords as requested. The voice at the business’ end might be pre-recorded by an agent or be generated into audio instructions through Text-to-speech software.

IVR can be both inbound and outbound. When a customer calls a business for support or product inquiries and a pre-recorded interaction occurs from the other side, it is essentially Inbound IVR. In outbound, a business dials up a prospect or customer with pre-recorded message, often asking them to do a certain thing or sharing relevant offers or updates.

Here are top five reasons why IVR is a must-have for businesses-

1.Manage an exponential number of calls at the business’ call center – People are spending more time on buying the plethora of products and services that have come up. There is more e-commerce usage and hence increased buying amongst customers. Hence, more people are calling the business numbers of the businesses they are engaging with. To manage this, businesses must use an IVR. With an IVR put in place, a business can help more customers solve their problems without a lot of agents. It’s not only beneficial to businesses but also to customers who may quickly want to self-service online without engaging with a customer support executive.

2. Be highly accessible to customers- If you use an IVR, you can ensure that no customer call or query goes unanswered. There are many unpleasant instances wherein calls may not be attended to due to higher call volume. With an IVR, every customer is engaged with and redirected to an agent or another route if required. The IVR flow can be customized as per the business requirements to ensure that there’s no loss of sales. A business can even deploy IVR beyond hours and ensure better service to their customers.

3. Look like a highly engaging brand to customers – An IVR, more importantly, helps with executing customer engagement strategies at all times. With an IVR in place, a business can ensure that at no time a customer is left alone. For example, beyond working hours if the customer requires the help of an agent, the customer may be redirected to another channel or be contacted beyond working hours.

4. Intelligently route calls – Often a customer is made to speak to several people in an organization before it ends up speaking to the required person. With an intelligently designed IVR Menu and flow, a business can ensure that a customer is able to speak to the right person in the first place.

5. Higher level of Customer Satisfaction – The above-mentioned points discussed in detail how IVR can help customers self-service and make a business available beyond working hours. Hence, a well-designed IVR flow and menu can essentially lead to higher Customer Satisfaction and would help with the overall organizational goals.

IVR is an extremely important technology to manage customers better, help both prospective and current customers have a great experience with the business, brand image, and seamless processes. All of the pros of cloud-based IVR solutionss can be accessed with the right cloud communication company. Knowlarity in its category of “Voice” offers IVR solutions that can be used for both inbound and outbound processes and even integrated with their other smart technologies like Text-to-speech and Speech Analytics to better Customer experience.


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