Ideally, all pet owners want dog foods that are human grade, FDA approved, USDA organic certified and free of all types of additives and fillers. But according to a recent research, about 80 percent of the processed foods that line most store shelves are loaded with fillers and additives. Very few companies actually manufacture healthy foods for dogs. As a result, informed pet owners are now turning to quality raw dog food ingredients for their pets. These foods contain natural ingredients to ensure general well-being, longevity as well as optimum health for dogs. Other benefits include:

-Improved Teeth, Oral Health and Breath

-Improved Digestion

-Increased Bioavailability

Nonetheless, what exactly are these healthy raw food ingredients for dogs? And where can I find them? Here are the top 5 Raw Dog Food Ingredients You Should look for:

1. Raw Meat for Dogs

Raw Meat for Dogs

Meat is one of the most natural foods on earth. It is rich in protein, vitamins and other important minerals needed for optimal functioning of both human beings and animals. Even food processing cannot mimic the sophisticated nutritional value of fresh raw meat. Additionally, cooking meat actually destroys some of its most beneficial components. Beef for instance is loaded with iron, zinc, Phosphorus and Complex B vitamins. These important nutrients help in things preventing fatigue, increasing energy, a strong skeletal system and a healthy immune system. Chicken on the other hand is a rich source of Niacin, a nutrient known for its cancer protective features. If you are not sure about giving raw meat to your dog you can first start with duck or turkey meat instead of beef, pork or chicken and see how it goes.

2. Eggs and Dairy Products for Dogs

Eggs and Dairy Products for Dogs

Eggs and cottage cheese are another great source of protein for dogs. Yogurt is also a good raw dog food ingredient as it contains a nutrient (acidophilus) which helps prevent overgrowth of yeast in the pet’s body.

3. Broccoli


Broccoli has very high concentrations of Folate, Vitamins K, C, A and fiber, making it a super food. These nutrients make the food to have anti-inflammatory features and can also be used as a detoxifier.

4. Raw Goat Milk

Raw Goat Milk

Goal milk is one of the most essential dog food ingredients in existence as it has almost all the essential minerals and vitamins needed to sustain life. It resembles human breast milk more than baby formula. Additionally it has more short and medium chain fatty acids than cow milk, making it easier for the dog to digest.

5. Vegetables


Veggies are an extremely important source of minerals and vitamins. In the wild, dogs usually eat digested vegetables and fruits in the digestive systems of their prey and as medicines to boost their immune system and heal themselves. Most dog owners also report better pet health after starting a vegan diet for their dogs. Some vegetables that you should consider include chopped parsley, bell peppers, grated carrots, lettuce, fresh corn and grated zucchini. If you are not always around and you want to make sure that your dog has access to the right proportions of veggies or any other type of food at certain intervals, you can use an Automatic Pet Feeder. There are many handy models available.

Final Word

If it is the first time you are serving your pet raw dog food, try to monitor his or her reaction closely and act accordingly. There is usually an acclimatizing period whenever you introduce something new to a dog. The same applies to raw dog food. Some disturbing symptoms may show up that are completely natural. They are just your pet’s normal way of getting rid of toxins. Additionally, do not forget to give plenty of water to the dog as this play plays a very important role in his growth and well-being. You can encourage him or her to take water by using a Pet Water Fountain. In nature most animals are instinctively drawn to moving water because they tend to associate it with freshness and cleanliness. This is how powerful the device can be in encouraging your pet to take water. Furthermore a pet water fountain filters and aerates water keeping it fresher and clean than still water. Fundamentally, a good diet plus plenty of water is the best and the most essential thing you can do for your pet. The two will add to his or her longevity, enhance his quality of life and foster general heath as well as general well-being.