If you’re ready to tackle Spring Cleaning or simply want to simplify your life, it’s helpful to use products that have been designed to cut down on clutter. Organizing, labeling, and storing your personal items in a mindful fashion can help you find what you’re looking for, without rummaging through boxes of random objects.

1. Stackable Shelves

You’ll find shelves in most rooms of the home, but if yours are overstuffed and poorly organized, it’s time to create a new system. Stackable shelves can be filled individually and then linked together to save space. These are ideal for use in the kitchen, where you can group together spices that you use frequently or put together specialty oils for easy access. Stacking shelves can also be used to organize a child’s bedroom, giving you an easy way to sort toys and books.

2. Labels

toolsOnce you have started to place your items in boxes or stackable shelves, it’s helpful to use name labels UK to clearly mark each container. This saves you the time of going through each container to find out what’s inside. Using name labels for clothes can also ensure that your family’s items don’t get lost in the crowd, particularly with school uniforms.

3. Easy Recipe Binder

More and more of us turn to the Internet or friends for recipes, and end up with dozens of printouts tucked away in the kitchen. Creating a recipe binder gives you access to your own customizable cookbook, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

4. Shoe Rack

Between formal, casual and athletic shoes, it’s easy to end up with a large pile sitting in your closet. These can be organized using shoe racks that fit to the back of the closet door, or in stackable shelves. Another option is to use a shoe caddy that fits under the bed, to free up more closet space.

5. Shower Caddy

The bathroom is another area that can become overrun with beauty products and bath items. A shower caddy can fit neatly in the corner and keep everything you need within arm’s length.

By taking the time to purchase a few basic organizational tools for your home, you can keep it looking fresh throughout the year.