Ever wondered what these ridiculously ripped fellas in movies and underwear ads do to get their abs ripped and rock hard? Well, the ultimate Hollywood secret to body perfection is about to be revealed. You’d be surprised to learn that most of these models and celebrities are not remotely ripped a week before or after the shoot. This is because there is a proven technique of getting your body right and abs ripped in a matter of days.
The belly is prone to visceral fat hence pot bellies and pouches in even the leanest people. Once you get to learn how to lose weight around this area, you stand a high chance of actually strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles.

1. Get Lean
The bitter truth be told, belly fat greatly stands in the way of letting the 6 pack come through. If your belly flap rolls over your waistband then you need to completely get rid of the subcutaneous water and fat weight in order to re-embark on this journey. It’s going to take more than a week for you rip those abs.

 A low fat and low carb diet, in this case, will help you to get rid of the fat but better results will be experienced when you pair these up with some gym activity.
If you can feel the hard layer just by poking on your tummy then you are ready for the next step.

2. Calculate Your Daily Intake
Food is the biggest challenge for most people trying to lose weight and tone their muscles. This is why it is called for that you start calculating your daily calorie intake and prepare a proper meal plan for yourself. There also is a common misconception that people looking to lose weight should totally avoid fats and carbohydrates. These are essential as they gear up your activity especially in the gym. Experts recommend consuming 1 gram of protein each day. This should be accompanied by a calorie intake of 10-11 for your body weight.

20% of these calories should be from fat and the rest from carbs. These will act as fuel for exercises which further lead to further weight loss.
TIP- You should initially subtract the protein calories so as to get the total number of carbs.
EXAMPLE- If you are a 300-pound guy, your count should be 300 grams of protein each day and 3000-3300 calories from carbs. Although your carb intake can be lowered and raised as required, your fat and protein intact basically remain constant.

3. Rule Out Allergens
In order to keep your abdominal area trim, you need to cut out food that may cause irritation and build intolerance especially dairy products, artificial sweeteners, wheat bread. Even the smallest of irritation to your digestive system from these foods will cause constipation, water retention and bloating. Read the labels of products that you buy because most condiments contain these irritants; salad dressing, soy sauce, mustard. If you have to season your food, opt for condiments such as; sea salt, balsamic vinegar, and salsa.

4. Pump Your Muscles
If you have an event coming up that will require your to flash your muscles then your last workout should be 3 days to the D-day. This is because muscles stick out more in the abundance of glycogen. This is a carbohydrate that’s stored in the muscles. By resting, your muscles get the chance to replenish and recover their glycogen levels. Your last workout should focus on the area that you need to be highlighted, in this case, abdomen.

5. Keep Drinking
Water is life. This cannot be emphasized enough. Reducing your water intake may seem like a good idea in this quest but it actually isn’t. When you dehydrate yourself, your body will go into starvation mode and automatically retain as much water as it possibly can. This will result in increasing water weight, trigger constipation and create a negative impact on your skin. The best time to cut your water intake into half is on the big day as it will help you appear tighter.

It is possible to manipulate your body into playing along in your plan. All you have to do is treat it well and fuel it with the right kinds of foods. Besides getting your diet in line, you will need to hit the gym. Invest a large portion of your workouts in exercises that engage the abdominal muscles. These include; cable crunches, hanging knee raises, jackknife sit-ups, seated leg tucks, exercise ball pull-in. Any exercise machine for abs such as an ab crunch machine will work in your favor in this quest.