We have adopted various measures to increase the security of people around us. Gates have been used since eons as a secure medium and over a period of time it has undergone a transformation, we now have advanced versions of the same. Boom barriers or boom gates are the recent addition and have become very popular. The boom gates are a great way to improve the security of the surrounding. You can easily spot them at commercial buildings, industrial sites, car parks, shopping centers, hospitals, universities and so on. They will fit in all of these places and be of great help to the people. The security level in a place increases when it has a boom gate. This is the main reason why people choose to install it. These gates are in fact a smart way to safeguard the property. You will have total control over the flow of traffic. Thus if possible you should definitely go for it.

What Is The Boom Gate? 

Boom gate or boom barriers are the barriers having horizontal metal arm rested on a point. These are usually automated and are controlled either by push button or manually. However, nowadays you would mostly find automated gates. The driver can pass through the gate after presenting a pass or toll or entering a code. When the system recognizes that the entry is safe it opens the gate and the driver can move ahead.

Type of boom barriers: 

Different Types Of Boom Barriers Available In The Market, These Are the following :

  • Electromechanical – As evident from the name it makes use of the electrical and mechanical system.
  • Hydraulic – These are one of the strongest types and are a good choice where you require over the long boom.
  • Manual Operated – These are the conventional type and can be spotted at the entrances of man places.

Take a look at the advantages listed below that will convince you to go for boom gates:

Boom barriers have myriads of benefits, like security, streamlining the traffic, controlling traffic movement and many others. Here is the illustration of the same.

Better Security: Security has become very important these days for both residential and commercial properties. You need to keep a check on everyone who is coming and going out. Installing boom gates is the best way to keep track of it. You will be able to deny and approve the entry of any vehicle in the property on the basis of their credentials. Thus you will have complete control over any vehicle entering your property. You will also be able to keep a record of the people who have entered the property. The details will be available to you.

Streamlining the movement of traffic– Yes, this one of the advantages of the boom gates. Since it controls the movement of the traffic, the movement of vehicles can be easily streamlined. This becomes specifically useful in highly commercial areas like a parking area.

Save money on security- The boom gates are actually the best way you can save money for security purpose. Although the initial cost of installation may be high,  when you do the cost-benefit analysis, then the price is worth it. Once the system is installed you don’t have to look at it. The maintenance is quite affordable. You will save the money that you would be spending on the security guard instead. You surely are aware of the expense that goes in keeping a security guard. But once you install the system you are good to go for a long time.

Get instant privacy- It helps in controlling the unauthorized entry into the private space. You might have noticed that many a time the people just drive in your property without your permission. This definitely affects your privacy. Since you don’t know who is coming in you cannot stop them. But with boom gates, you can completely get over the privacy issue. You can allow only the vehicles that you want to. In a commercial property, you can protect your intellectual property, trade secrets and prevent any kind of theft. Boom gate will be the best solution for your office. In the residential properties, you will be able to protect the residents living there.

Efficient usage of space- Space is an issue for many residential and commercial buildings. They find various ways to make the maximum usage of the space that is available. In the main entrance, you will definitely require a sliding or a swinging gate for protection. These gates require a lot of space and cannot be installed in a small space. But with boom gates, you will be able to utilize the space that is available. It requires much lesser space than the others.

Convenience and flexibility- The swinging and sliding gates are pretty inconvenient. There has to be a person to handle it all the time. The boom gates instead are very convenient. They are automated and do not require a person to handle them. Instead of getting out of the car and opening the gate, the boom gate opens itself due to radiation. You can operate it with a remote as well. They are very flexible too.

These are the benefits that you will get from installing a boom gate in your surroundings.