To make a business successful, it is paramount to render quality support service. Whenever we talk about customer service, the discussion on the best support channel gets started. We believe this discussion isn’t going to over anytime soon. This is so customers’ preference changes so frequently.

From the business’s perspective, both traditional and digital channels are crucial. The primary reason behind that is handling a pile of support queries on one channel is nothing less than an impossible task. In addition, a small mistake while dealing with customer service queries could affect the business’s reputation so badly.

However, the combination of digital and traditional channels could be proved fruitful for the business as the average number of customer service requests can be divided into 3 to 4 parts, which, in turn, leads to better management of queries.

The fact that will surprise you is the top 4 preferred customer service channels consist of both traditional and digital mediums. The traditional channel includes voice and email whereas the modern one comprises live chat and social media.

Providing the same level of support service on such channels isn’t easy. That’s the main reason why BPO firms get contacted to render call center support services.

Take a gander at the following list of customer service channels that are vital to boost the pace of the business growth:

1.    Voice

Whenever we talk about the most preferred support medium, only one name that strikes to our mind is ‘Voice channel.’ As per the reports, 60% of customers prefer to make a call when they are in need of support service. ‘Personal touch’ is the factor that makes the voice channel the first choice.

To ensure a long-term relationship with customers, business owners often join hands with reputed BPO firms that can deliver impeccable call center support services.

Here are a few suggestions to reinforce voice channel:

  • Provide speech training to agents.
  • Tell agents to assist customers in the personal manner.
  • Categorize all the topics of call scripts according to keywords.

2.    Email

After the voice channel, there is one other traditional channel that is on the customers’ favorite list. It is none other than ‘Email channel.’ Generally, customers opt for email support service when they seek information related to products or services in a detailed manner.

Everything has some loopholes, so it wouldn’t be correct to say that voice channel is free from errors. The most cited disadvantage of telephone channel is that customers never get call transcript, which consequently, invites unnecessary issues for business.

Here, email support channel gets the upper hand as it offers a written record of interaction to both customers and company. To keep improving email customer service, these measures could be proved helpful:

  • Tell agents to answer customer service emails in a personalized way.
  • Tell agents to attach crucial product or service related docs, videos, images, etc. while replying so as to ensure that there is no room left for any type of doubts.
  • Instruct agents to use automated messages carefully.

3.    Live Chat

Till now, we had been talking about the traditional channels, but digital support mediums aren’t also far behind. With time, live chat support service has caught customers’ eye. Nowadays, millennial customers prefer live chat support service as it offers prompt resolutions as compared to telephone and email channels.

If reports are to be believed, there is a high possibility that this digital channel will get more preference from customers in the near future. Many organizations are familiar with this fact, and that’s why they approach renowned BPO firms to render stupendous call center support services.

To keep attracting customers towards live chat support service, BPO firms should take the below-mentioned tips into the consideration:

  • Tell agents to reduce the typing speed in order to prevent grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.
  • Usage of ‘Caps lock’ key should be limited so as to keep the CX levels in check.
  • Suggest agents to use emojis during the chat session to leave an everlasting impression on customers.

4.    Social media

Well, when the talk is going over digital support mediums, how we can miss the social media channel. In this modern era, social customer service is considered as a crucial part of the patrons’ life. This is so because ‘Generation Y’ often goes for digital channels when the need for support service occurs.

To maintain the business’s credibility, company owners are often suggested to offer unparalleled social customer service. To stay focused on core competencies, business owners usually try to get a specialized service provider on board.

To handle customer service queries on social media channel properly, BPO firms should take these steps:

  • Tell agents to stay to the point for the faster conclusion of interaction.
  • Study customer feedback to rectify the hidden errors.
  • Tell agents to end the interaction on a positive note for the sake of better CX levels.