Technology has been offering endless solutions to help businesses to work efficiently. Efficiency is realized when all the resources are managed well, including the workforce. Employees have to stay motivated so as to keep them productive. Also, studies have shown that a well-maintained employee system can reduce communication costs.

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Whether your company is migrating from an outdated system or you would like to adopt a new software for the first time, the main challenge is to choose the right workforce management software. Before you can select the software, you need to consider your budget and the impacts the software will have on the company. You must evaluate the company needs in depth so that you will get to know the capabilities and features you need from the solution you desire. You have to work with certified workforce management software vendors.


To assist you with this important mission, we have created a list of ten best solutions for managing your workforce from different workforce management software vendors:


1) Connect team


This workforce management software offers a comprehensive tool for employee management. It provides communication tools, professional training modules, as well as operational and workflow management tools. The software allows you to create a mobile app for workers to run operations, collaborate, and develop skills, and much more.


2) Gusto


This is one of the popular cloud-based payroll solutions. This software offers a user-friendly interface and the automation for numerous activities in the process of preparing the payroll. The solution also has an onboarding interface that allows new employees to enter their information directly into the system.


3) Bullhorn


With this mobile workforce management software, a company will be able to manage the recruitment process. The program is ideal for large staffing agencies and corporations. It is user-friendly and customizable.


4) People Soft


This tool is a solution for companies that operate globally. It is often used by academic institutions, government agencies, and other companies that manage hundreds of employees. The main advantage this program has over newer services is that it has been offering reliable solutions for many years.


5) Workday


Do you run an international business and you have to create different payrolls according to different laws and currencies? Well, this workforce management software will come in handy. The tool offers a means to integrate with 3rd party payroll apps so as to manage all the payments across the globe. Even though the mobile workforce management software might lack some components, it is still one of the only cloud-based solutions.


6) Litmos


This is a program for organizations that need an all-in-one training and instruction program. This includes integrated eCommerce solutions and gamification options.


7) Employee Navigator


This is a web-based mobile workforce management software suitable for bigger organizations. It includes tools such as administration, onboarding, and vacation tracking.


8) Kissflow


Whenever you feel like workflows are chaotic as the company grows, you can be sure you need this solution. It has a friendly interface and will assist you to customize your workflows. You can also opt to work with any of the 50 pre-made apps they offer.


9) Halogen


In case the evaluation of employees and feedback effectiveness is essential, you will require this cloud-based talent and performance management application. It offers essential features like employee succession planning, performance appraisal, recruitment process, and learning management. It also comes with other additional features.


10) 15five


This is an employee performance and engagement software solution that helps a business to give feedback. It can be a group office meeting’s online replacement and still has a great integration with Slack.


If you have your demands and needs defined, it will be easy to navigate the HR tech seas to find reliable workforce management software vendors for your company. This list will guide you to get some of the solutions you need.