The sheer birth of a new born is a once in a lifetime occasion that certainly calls for gifts. In fact, as per customs too, you never visit a newborn empty handed. However, deciding what to buy the little fella or the little girl can get somewhat overwhelming. But isn’t it high time now to take a break from gifting the same old baby sets? With an entire array of gizmos, gadgets, and gear for babies available these days, you can gift a new born in style.

In this article we have put together for you a list of practical yet unique gifts that parents of the newborn will absolutely love.

Unique Gift Ideas

  1. 3D Hand and Foot Impression Casting Kit: With this awesome 3D hand and foot impression casting kit, you can help the new parents preserve those beautiful memories for life.
  2. Milestone Age Blocks: For all those milestone crazy parents who love to update their social media frequently, these milestone age blocks are just apt. You can use these blocks for years, as you can stack them to record how many weeks, days, and years your child is.
  3. Baby Shusher: This is the new age soothing sleep miracle for new born babies and parents are going gaga over its power. It makes the shush noise repeatedly in the baby’s ear that mimics the soothing sounds that it is used to in the mother’s womb.
  4. Wubbanub Infant Pacifier: Over the years pacifiers have got a facelift too. Other than being cute, the Wubbanub pacifier also helps to keep it on the baby’s chest so that you don’t need to scramble to look for it. It’s made of silicone and is BPA and latex free and is easy to clean.
  5. Gift Voucher: In case you are feeling confused on what to gift, nowadays you have the gift card to your rescue. It is easily available on any online store and new parents will find it useful, as time crunch is what they face every time that they need to run to a store for buying stuff.
  6. Baby Bather: All new moms find it challenging to bathe their newborns as they are extremely delicate. A baby bather is an apt gift for moms to be able to bathe their little ones with a lot of ease and comfort.
  7. New-born Swaddling Clothes: No matter how many of them you have, it is just not enough, as swaddling clothes are a much-needed item for new parents. Since newborns have the uncanny ability to pee and poop the moment they are out of their diapers, swaddling clothes are a must have for every new parent.
  8. Play Gym: Keep babies engaged by gifting the play gym. Any new mom would highly appreciate this gift as she can quickly do some of her household chores sans any worries while her baby is busy playing in the play gym.
  9. Baby Proofing Kit: Every parent needs to necessarily baby proof their home no sooner their baby learns to crawl around. So what better to gift than a baby proofing kit to them? It is just the ideal gift for a baby who is around 3-5 months of age. The parents can baby proof their house well in advance before the baby learns to crawl.
  10. Stylish Diaper Bag: While every parent needs a functional diaper bag, but wouldn’t it be better if the bag doesn’t scream “it’s a diaper bag!” So, what better than to gift the parents of a new born with a functional yet stylish and sleek diaper bag that they would love to carry in swag.

You can also send a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with any of these gifts because, flowers are the symbol of love, happiness, freshness and joy.