Urban fashion is massive in 2012, with numerous styles and looks proving to be extremely popular. Check out our definitive list of the top 10 items any urban girl should own this summer.

1. A DKNY Handbag –

All style is all about the accessories, and DKNY handbags are as good as they get. There is a huge variety of DKNY handbags available at a wide range of retailers, so any girl with urban style can find the right bag for her needs.

2. A Quontum dress –

All the rage, particularly on the celebrity scene, a quantum dress will leave you looking and feeling sassy, confident, and glamorous. These dresses come with a “secret ingredient” to enhance your curves and keep you irresistible at all times.

Accessories with a Stylish Urban Girl

3. Creative Recreation trainers –

Ideal for casual wear or to sneak under your bosses’ nose, these trainers are comfortable and offer the ultimate in style. These are great for the urban girl who likes a relaxed vibe about her style.

4. Palladium Baggy boots –

More formal footwear this time, palladium boots offer durability, comfort, and style, unique for something that is essentially a hiking boot! Excellent for adding a unique twist, especially to a look incorporating a dress.

5. New Era Hat-

A new era hat will top off any urban look and leave girls looking beautiful while carrying bags of attitude at the same time. These go especially great with bright track tops or hooded jumpers.

6. Killah Boots-

Girls love shoes, so we have included a third brand on this list. Killah boots are where it is at with heels for 2012, so make these the “go-to” item in your wardrobe whenever you want to add inches to your height.

7. Miss Sixty-

They are one of the best brands going when it comes to urban accessories, so whether it is a smaller bag as an alternative to your DKNY handbag, glamorous gloves or a belt, add some Miss Sixty to your wardrobe this year.

8. Rocawear jumpers-

These wears are a colorful, inspirational addition to any wardrobe, and bring a whole new lease of life to urban fashion.

9. Mango-

The Mango do a great range of tops and dresses, and with their new collection in stores now every urban girl should be heading there to enhance their wardrobe.

10. Playsuits and jumpsuits-

They are a huge thing this year, and a great play on traditional fashions. These are available from a number of leading brands, with Urban Outfitters one of the many retailers stocking a wide range.

J-Bees sell Urban and Street Wear from the world’s largest fashion labels. Among other brands, they sell DKNY handbags.