There are several HDI PCB manufacturers available in the market that will provide the best High-Density Interconnect products at the best costs. But the question is how to choose one? Well to help you all out here we have stated the list of Top 10 HDI PCB manufacturers whom you can contact to get your work done. So, let’s get started with the best 10 HDI PCB manufacturers.

  1. Ray PCB

If you are looking for the best PCB manufacturers, then without going for second option, you can even go ahead with Ray PCB. Also, High density interconnect boards are one of the most used Technologies that the companies consider while making the printed circuit boards. The circuitry Density of HDI boards for Rayming PCB are much higher as compared to the traditional circuit boards. Types of high density interconnect board available in the market. In order to enhance the technology more, Technology has been enhanced amazingly. The best part about the Ray PCB high densities interconnect boards is that the layers can easily get interconnected with each other.

  1. Bittele Electronics Inc

Bittele Electronics Inc was established in 2003. It is one of the best HDI PCB manufacturers available in the market. The company works best in providing prototype and low volume electronic contract manufacturing of PCB. This company is having worldwide satisfied customers that are happy with the PSB services provided.

  1. San Francisco Circuits, Inc

There is a strong network build by this company with satisfied customers and expertise team members. The San Francisco Circuits, Inc is considered as one of the best company because it provides the best PCB design, PCB manufacturing, and PCB assembly at the best price with quality.

  1. Hitech Circuits Co., Limited

Another company available in our list that is considered as the best HDI PCB manufacturer is Hitech Circuits Co., Limited.  The main focus of this company always lies upon the rigid PCB, High-Density PCB, Aluminum PCB and Printed Circuit Board Assembly with Quality.  The team working in this company is also having expertise in fabricating the 1 to 38 layer PCB boards. 

  1. MultiTech Electron HK Ltd

Another best PCB & PCBA manufacturer in China is Multitech Electron HK Limited. This company works best in providing the HDI PCB manufacturing service. The main motive of this company is to provide the best PCB Service with excellence and quality.

  1. Advanced Circuits

From the last 25 years, the Advanced Circuits has been working in the industry and providing the best-printed circuit board Technologies with quality standards. The company works its best in providing every type of printed circuit board from a simple one to the complex design.  Furthermore, if you want to get the production in small quality then also you can visit this company. Advanced Circuits work in both small scale production and large scale production.

  1. American Standard Circuits

In order to complete all the technical challenges, the American standard circuits are providing the best services at a cost-effective price. Which company provides the best solutions to the flex, rigid-flex, mixed dielectrics and several other services. Along with providing the services with quality, the company also pays great emphasis on the time scales.

  1. APCT Inc.

APCT Inc.  Is one of the leading HD I PCB manufacturers provide the service is with reliability and on time. The business model of this company works very well in differentiating it from the other companies that are providing the printed circuit boards in the industry. From the last 9 years, this company is providing the best services and products that are successfully satisfying the customer needs

  1. CIRCUITECH Co., Ltd

After getting established in 1991, the Circuitech Precision Electronics, Inc has built itself as one of the best HDI PCB manufacturers worldwide. The company uses top Class Products to complete the PCB manufacturing tasks.

  1. Coast to Coast Circuits

Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc is also a great HDI PCB Manufacturer available in the market.  From the last 40 years, the company is providing its services to the industries including Aerospace, Defense, Semiconductor, Medical, Instrumentation, Wireless and Specialty Interconnect industries.

Hence these are the details about the Top 10 HDI PCB Manufacturers available in the market. On the basis of our search and information gathered, we can say that Rayming PCB is the best HDI PCB Manufacturer in the market.