Looking for a great activity to do during vacation? Then camping will be one of the best things you can do during your free time! With tons of awesome campsites and activities to do, it’s something you must do at least once in your lifetime. The survival skills you’ll learn, the quality time you’ll spend with yourself or loved ones… It’s one for the adventurous and travelers. Not only that, but it’s also something anyone can do and have fun with. Children to seniors will have the time of their life as they explore nature and breathe in the fresh air. And with camping comes the delicious recipes you can try out! There are definitely a ton of awesome and delicious camping recipes you must try out. But what exactly are they? In this article, we show you the top 10 easy recipes for your next camping trips!

Top 10 Easy Recipes for Your Next Camping Trips

Camping food isn’t just about s’mores or snack packs! Instead of going for the usual, check these recipes out and try something different to impress your loved ones during your next camping trip.

  1. Camping Quesadillas


Very easy to make, and everyone will surely love them. This goes especially for children who love the cheesy goodness! All you need to do is to add salsa, chicken, beans, and cheese over a tortilla. Fold it and put it on foil and start grilling it! Take it off once the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy. No need to use plates anymore, just serve it and you’re good to go!

  1. Campurritos


Another Mexican dish known to be easy (but a bit messy) to eat, burritos are the way to go! You can do it camping style through mixing in all your favorite ingredients, such as sausage and rice, into a tortilla and wrap them up. Just like the camping quesadillas, place it on foil and heat it up. Let it cool, then start eating.

  1. Campfire Bacon

A hearty breakfast always calls for bacon! You can make bacon skewers and get it extra crispy with the crunch you want through weaving the bacon into the skewer, leaving a gap between the weaves for the whole bacon to cook. Place it over the campfire until it looks well-cooked and crispy, rotating it every few minutes. After about half an hour, get ready to enjoy your bacon!

  1. Grilled Chocolate Banana


Tired of the same old s’mores being the staple dessert around the campfire? Then try these grilled bananas! Simply slice up a banana and add mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. Place it on a foil and leave it on the campfire for a few minutes, until the chocolate and marshmallows start to melt. Unwrap the foil and add crushed cereal then serve!

  1. Curly Dogs


Kind of like your usual hotdogs, but with a twist… Literally! using cold dinner rolls, wrap it around a hotdog and place it on foil, cooking it on the campfire until bread is toasted and hotdog is cooked. Add in your favorite condiments and serve.

  1. Mixed Mushroom Pack


Very easy and yummy, this is one for vegetarians! Add mushrooms, garlic and dill into a tin foil. Drizzle with a bit of oil and your favorite seasonings, and let it cook on the fire for about 20 minutes, or when the mushrooms are soft. Serve it while it’s still warm.

  1. Campfire Paella


Something a bit fancy yet easy to make, you can make this paella in just one pot! Add oil into a pot and let it sizzle on the campfire. Add in the onions, garlic, and chili. Add in your favorite seasonings and meat, then once cooked, put the rice and chicken stock or water in, letting it cook until the rice is ready.

  1. Gourmet Camping Pizza


Who said you can’t cook pizza when camping? Simply use premade dough, toss in tomato sauce, cheese, and your other favorite toppings, and have it cook on the campfire on foil. Leave it until the dough and ingredients are cooked, and start cutting slices!

  1. Chicken Stew


For cold nights or mornings, warm yourself up with good ‘ol chicken stew. Grill chicken and then add the soup, along with the potatoes, carrots, and green pepper. Let it cook until the vegetables are cooked, then top with your favorite seasonings. Let it cool down a bit and serve it up!

  1. Campfire Breakfast Bowls


These breakfast bowls are easy to make but require cupcake trays or other circle shaped pans. On the tray, add in sliced bread, an egg, and top with bacon. Let it cook on the campfire or grill until eggs are completely cooked, let it warm and then serve!

And these are the easy and delicious recipes you should try out when camping! Not to worry, as they’re safe to do and won’t break your budget or cause too much of a hassle. You can easily find the ingredients and materials at home, or sold in your local grocery store.

Camping is fun for its activities and health benefits. One of the best parts about camping would be the delicious food you’ll be making and eating together! From s’mores by the campfire to yummy breakfasts, you can do it without breaking the bank or your back! With the easy recipes you can do, not only will it save you a lot of time and effort, but you can save on your budget as well. They’re fun to do, with your whole family or group joining in on the cooking. And in the end, you will all be stuffed and enjoy the meals! So what are you waiting for? If you’re going camping soon, then plan your meals and begin getting ready for it today.

Did you enjoy the article or have any more recipes you would like to mention? Then comment down below! We’d love to hear your camping recipes and what you have to think about these meals!