Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In Abu Dhabi For Carnival Events

Apart from its luxurious lifestyle and city center, the city of Abu Dhabi is famous for its scenic and extraordinary beaches. These beaches are straight out of a fairy tale with sounds of crashing waves and crystal clear water with soft plush sandy beaches. Abu Dhabi is famous for its abundance of most beautiful and magical seaside spots. 

What’s best about beaches in Abu Dhabi is that all of them are easily accessible from the mainland, which makes them the perfect spot for carnival events. Another reason why these beaches make the ideal event venue is that they attract millions of visitors throughout the year due to its warm waters and beautiful sands. 

Ten of the Best Beaches in Abu Dhabi for Events 

Thinking about hosting a summer carnival event on the beachside in Abu Dhabi? If yes, then pop up your parasol and sit back as we introduce you to the top 10 beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi that are perfect event venues for your next big event. 

Let’s get started! 

  • The Corniche Beach 

Abu Dhabi’s pristine Corniche Beach runs between Abu Dhabi city center all the way to the Arabian Gulf Sea. If you want your event near the city center to attract a large audience, this is the perfect venue for your next carnival event. With its 8km strength of sand, Corniche beach offers visitors a scenic view of the city’s coastline and buildings. 

The beach is divided into three sections and is also safe for swimming. So, consult event companies in Abu Dhabi today to book this beach for your next event so your attendees can marvel at the infamous Abu Dhabi skyline and enjoy the cool water. As the beach is close to the city center, you will have no problem attracting attendees. 

  • National Riviera beach

National Riviera Beach is located at the most popular destination in Abu Dhabi – The St Regis Hotel at the end of the Corniche Beach. It is famous for its VIP service, unlimited pool access, and a wide range of un activities. It also offers multiple private cabanas and exciting water sports like kayaking, water skiing, and scuba diving, making it the perfect event venue for carnivals and funfairs. 

  • Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island is famous for its safaris and the infamous Arabian Wildlife Park. If you want to amaze your attendees by roaming cheetahs, oryx and gazelles, this is the perfect spot for your next event. It is not only home to some of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi, but it also has many hotels like the Al Yamm Villa Resort – that offers unlimited access to beautiful sandy beaches. There are also multiple water sports activities offered at the beach. 

  • Saadiyat Public Beach 

Saadiyat Public Beach is a general people magnet and crowd-pleaser due to its perfectly warm waters and soft sandy beach. It also offers a variety of watersport activities and has a lot of cafes nearby. Hosting a carnival event at Saadiyat Public beach will surely be a hit among the public because the beach is always full of visitors and sun loungers, so you will have no problem attracting a big crowd at your event. 

  • Saadiyat private beach

If you are thinking about hosting a more luxurious event on the white sands of Abu Dhabi, then Saadiyat Private beach is the best venue that you can find in the UAE. Saadiyat Private Beach has its own beach club offering beautiful poolside cabanas, restaurants, and multiple beachside lounges. 

It is also famous for its wooden walkway that leads directly to the crystal clear waters of the beach. You will definitely attract a lot of attendees at your event on this beach because, on top of all these facilities, the beach is home to Hawksbill turtles and also playful and leaping dolphins. 

  • Al Bateen beach

Al Bateen Beach is a popular event venue among the locals and foreigners due to its scenic beauty, and family-friendly vide and is also one of the largest beaches in Abu Dhabi. The waters at the beach are very calm; that is why it is also accessible and safe for swimming. There is also an 800-meter stretch of sand that is equally soothing and provides a perfect venue for a carnival event. 

You can also enjoy the beautiful view of Hudayriat Bridge, which connects the beach to Hudayriat Island. It is also a perfect pick for event venue due to its vast car parking space and a variety of cafes with plenty of lifeguards on duty.

  • Zaya Nurai Island

You can travel the whole Gulf Cost, but you cannot find a more luxurious, pure, and indulgent beach than Zaya Nurai Island. Zaya Nurai Island takes a 10-minute boat ride from the nearest Saadiyat Island and is accessible from all major ports in the UAE. This serene, secluded island is perfect for a wedding reception and carnival events.

This beautiful island is the main attraction for Abu Dhabi mainlanders due to its beautiful beachfront and resorts. This is a perfect destination to take a leisurely stroll on the magical beach or go for a swim to cool down. It makes an ideal event venue because it is not only easily accessible but also safe for swimming. 

  • The Emirates Palace Hotel beach

Emirates Palace Hotel – one of the most lavish and luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi, has incredible beach access in the whole UAE. The event possibilities at this beach are endless, and you must expect a high level of luxury and extensive facilities. This beach can cater to any type of event and event needs, be it water sports like kayaking, wakeboarding, camel rides, and also top-notch catering services. 

If you are thinking about hosting a themed event or a Halloween party, then this is the best venue that you can find in Abu Dhabi. 

  • Yas Beach

Yas beach in Abu Dhabi is famous for its international DJ events and parties and attracts the most a lot of people to its scenic beach. It is also renowned as “the beach playground of Abu Dhabi.” With its 400 meters of sands, the beach can cater for events of every size. There is also a huge pool ad five private chalets to enjoy the beautiful sunsets. 

Yas Beach is a “popular entertainment” destination in Abu Dhabi and is also home to the F1 race track. Due to its popularity, the beach is always booked, so make sure to consult event companies in Abu Dhabi to secure this venue for your next grand event that will attract all of Abu Dhabi’s population to your event at Yas beach. 

  • Bayshore

Bayshore is located at the InterContinental hotel Abu Dhabi. This 300 meter stretch of sand is at a short distance from the famous Corniche beach – right in the middle of the city center. It is famous for its calm and pristine aura with pleasant palm trees, beautiful gardens, and clear waters. Bayshore is a perfect venue for any type of event because it offers a wide range of facilities like water sports, resorts, and catering services. 

Ready to Host Your Beach Front Event! 

These are some of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi for all kinds of events ranging from private wedding to birthday parties and public funfairs to carnival events. Instead of hosting your event at typical venues like parks, stadiums, and halls, let’s do something different this year and make things exciting by hosting a seaside carnival for people that have been looking for a way to enjoy their weekends since the start of the pandemic. 

Let’s give people something to enjoy by hosting a fantastic beach party with fun activities! 

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