Oral health practices are important to pass down to your children. Taking care of oral health will help them avoid cavities and painful issues down the road. In order to make sure their teeth are priorities, consider these four practices to win the battle against your child’s cavities.

1. Natural Sweet Tooth

Though children usually love to consume lots of sweet treats like candy, cookies and ice cream, it’s a learned behavior. If you don’t give your child those extremely sweet treats, they’ll have a harder time developing a desire for them. From the time the child is in the womb, do your best to consume natural sugars that come from fruit and other natural sources. Always give your children fresh fruits for desserts or snacks. When frozen and blended, bananas have a consistency similar to ice cream. Puree different berries and pour them along with water into a popsicle mold. These treats are excellent ways to enjoy a sweet dessert without the danger of artificial sugars that can cause cavities.

2. Water

One can of lemon-lime soda can contain up to 38 grams of sugar. One drink contains more sugar than the average daily recommendation for the average adult. In order to avoid drinks like sodas and juices, always encourage your children to drink water. If they don’t like the taste of plain water, make it flavored water. Add a few ripe strawberries and blueberries for a sweeter mix. Lemon slices and orange slices are always nice to add as well. If your children need a sweet option, green smoothies made with green leafy kale, bananas and mangos are nutritious and delectable. Fresh, raw juice is an acceptable option as well. Just make sure to increase the intake of water. The body requires it and it will help keep the mouth germ-free.

3. Regular Dentist Appointments

For some reason, many children can be afraid of the dentist. Try to find a dentist your child feels comfortable with. When it comes to children, personality is everything! Go to a dentist, such as one from Plymouth Valley Dental Group or any other such organization, that has multiple dentists for you to choose from. This way, your child can learn who he or she is the most comfortable with. Then, your child will be more likely to listen to what they are told by them about cleaning their teeth. Having your child get their teeth cleaned every six months is very important, especially since children tend to forget to brush. Plus, if there is a cavity brewing, the dentist will be able to handle it right away before it morphs into something more serious.

4. Fun Dental Routine

In the morning and at night, it’s important to have a dental routine. Brushing, flossing and gargling are all major facets. Allow your children to pick out fun toothbrushes they’ll be excited to use. Choose yummy flavors of toothpaste so they can’t wait to taste them. Encourage the use of dental floss in kid-friendly colors. It’s also wise to use little cups and a dispenser for when it’s time to gargle mouthwash. As children get into a regular routine, it’ll be easier to maintain over a period of time.

These four habits may seem easier said than done. However, they are worth the effort. Oral health is important and your children will thank you in the long run.