How badly do you want to own a YouTube channel? How excited are you to create new content and share with people? How passionate are you about becoming a social media influencer? How much aware are you of the ongoing trends and fashion? If the answer to all these questions is “very” then this article is for you! Being a social media influencer or a YouTuber in this world is an extremely tough job. The entire world is currently run by social media platforms where someone is famous today and after a few months another person takes over him!

You know as an audience when you log on to YouTube to watch some video then at least 15-20 options appear under that same video title. They are almost similar content but in some videos added information might be present. How will you know which video you should watch?

It is definitely not possible to stream all of them just to get the extra piece of information

So, the first thing you focus on before streaming the entire video is the thumbnail. The thumbnail is like the first impression a video creates on an audience. If the thumbnail is catchy enough, then you are very likely to play that video. So, ensure that if you are planning to start your own YouTube channel, then having an interesting thumbnail is mandatory. This thumbnail must be large in size so that the audience can easily see it and it must also have high pixel for better clarity. Nobody clicks on a pixelated grainy thumbnail, so your thumbnail must have that clarity.

The second thing that people focus on is the title. The title must be precise and appropriate to the content. Do not make it unnecessarily lengthy and irrelevant. Extra information about the video or all your other video tags and social media handles can be added to the description box of your YouTube channel.

Now if you have not yet gained that necessary fame on YouTube, and you have just started then here are a few hacks for you. It is obvious that you do not have unlimited internet data to upload lengthy videos on a regular basis. Neither are you famous enough to indulge in paid promotions or collaborations? So, how do you think you can become a famous YouTuber with limited internet data and space?

Well, you can simply convert the lengthy YouTube video to mp3 for free by availing this service online. Just search for YouTube to mp3 online on the search engine and you will come across various websites who provide this service for free. So, you can get your converted video from these websites which you can upload easily as it will consume less storage space of your device as well as it will be cost-effective. If you want to download lengthy files of fellow bloggers from YouTube then also you can convert those videos into mp3 and download them.

All these measures are quick and easily available. They will help you upload the content by using less data, gain views and subscribers on your channel and help you achieve the fame slowly and steadily.