This is the season for festivities and lots of weddings. In an atmosphere filled with joy and celebration, one is always looking for new ways to dress and express oneself. Whether it is jadau jewellery or embroidered outfits, new fashion trends every year make way for more and more fashion designs.

This year, too, many jewellery showrooms have come up with their own ranges of jewellery designs. One of these jewellery designers is Hazoorilal Legacy. Every season, they have something new and exciting to present and explore.         

Here are a few superb examples of their exquisite designs:     


  • Jadau Polki


A unique pair of earrings, this set has an exquisite jadau kundan workmanship. It consists of old-cut flat diamonds, famously known as polka, found in filigree designs. The emeralds are set in 22k yellow gold and look beautiful with almost all outfits.  

Jadau Polki


  • Tribal beauty


Inspired by tribal enigma and culture, this piece is set in 22k yellow gold and has streaks of rubies and emeralds. This not only gives it a festive appearance but also sets it apart from other designs. The vibrant colours like red and green add to the celebratory fervour in the air.

Tribal beauty   

  • Floral love


A unique amalgamation of floral and filigree designs, this set is handcrafted in 22k oxidized yellow gold and pearls. The sculptural design of the piece is meticulously planned in order to lend the piece a regal look. The light hue adds to the grandeur of the jewellery, and because of its splendour, it can jazz up even a simple outfit.  

Floral love


  • Ring riot


A ring is a great piece of jewellery. It can always add a festive flavour to an outfit. The type of ring you wear defines your taste and preferences. In fact, the more the rings, the fancier it looks. However, this piece, set in 22k yellow gold, is handcrafted in Jadau kundan workmanship. It is bold, beautiful and jazzy. With this ring, not much is necessary. It can elevate the outfit into something wondrous and fancy at the same time, without looking over-the-top and tacky.

Ring riot


  • Mihrab enigma


This is my personal favourite and comes in various pastel colours. This uncut diamond choker has a deep blue and rose pink coloured enamelling and is enhanced with pearl drops. The rose colour adds fragility to the overall impact of the jewellery. It can be worn with Indo-western ensembles and looks beautiful in festive occasions. The geometrical design also makes it more elegant and grand.

Mihrab enigma


  • Bridal beauty


This special piece is magnificent in its own right. The various tiers of uncut diamonds make for a beautiful set. Along with off-white enamel work using pearls and chand-inspired motifs, this choker is perfect for an Indian occasion, with a plain and elegant garment. With a simple set, this can add charm to the overall look and nothing else is necessary with it.

Bridal beauty


  • Rosy rouse


A unique combination of corals and coral beads set in jadau craftsmanship, this works well with both ethnic and semi-ethnic attires. The soft pastel colours is both soothing and exceptionally beautiful. The many roses make it look vintage and modern as well.

Rosy rouse

Hence, the next time you want to shop for something beautiful and chic, you know this is the place for you, and it is only a click away! What is better is that they keep changing their designs and patterns to suit the current trend and season.