The rainy season is a great time for gardens and lawns, but in this season your property requires extra care. Your negligence can result in serious damage or loss, which may cost you expensive roof repairs or installation. Penetrating rain water or moisture in building structure or wall can have a negative effect on you and your family’s health, however it can be prevented by taking few necessary steps.

Exterior Protection:

Check for Damaged Shingles:

The roof is the first step of protection against heavy rains and you must look-over it before peak season. Heavy rains mean the high probability of water leaking. Go up on your roof for a closer inspection and search for aging spots, losing shingles and places that are sagging. You can easily repair the leaking roof but if you find large portions damaged then it’s time for a roof replacement.

Clean Your Gutters:

Gutters play an essential role in keeping water away from your property. In case of improper drainage, there are higher chances of water getting build up around the foundation which can cause various problems such as mold and erosion. Make sure that the gutter is not leaking or broken and clear of all debris or leaves collected in it to avoid any blockages. For future gutter repairs or maintenance in Perth consider installing wire mesh to the gutters to avoid branches and leaves from blocking the waterway.

Outdoor Storage:

The lawn equipment and power tools can easily get spoiled in the rainy season. So, before the peak season, it is better to store sensitive tools at a dry place and off the ground. And, if you have a shed, then first check the roof and make sure it is still in good working condition. For deck furniture or wooden garden, consider applying a waterproofing treatment to avoid heavy downfalls.

Barbecue covers:

If you have kept your barbecue outside on the terrace, consider storing it in a safe place such as in a garage or store room to keep it safe free from rust.  

Paint the exterior walls:

If your exterior walls look dull and pale, repaint the walls with quality waterproof paint. In order to create the more protective layer on the walls, you can paint the walls by treating them through water sealant. This will not only give you great looking walls but also make them stronger to easily bear the effect of rain.

Internal Protection:

After securing your home from outside, it’s time to focus on the interior of the house. If you feel that this will cost you unnecessary and your problems will increase? Then, let us  inform you that the suggestions mentioned below are very simple, which can be followed easily:

Check for Indoor Leaks:

Make sure you inspect the interior of your home for signs of leaks. Check the ceilings and walls and look for water rings, mold and discoloration. These are the signs of a leaky roof that needs immediate attention.

Secure Doors and Windows:

It is also essential to maintain the doors and windows of your home so that they can work smoothly during all the seasons of the year, particularly during monsoon. If necessary, repaint the window and metal frames. This would keep your doors and windows damage-free and long-lasting. Hire a professional carpenter to get this job done effectively, efficiently and timely.


Basement is the next important area of your home that needs to be inspected. To check the growth of molds and mildews, sniff your walls, look for the signs of water leaks by checking your carpets and windows for tight seals. To direct the water away, you can build up the landscaping around the perimeter of the basement. Or else if the problem aggravates, you can take the help of a professional.

Use a dry cloth to clean your furniture:

Avoid cleaning your furniture with the wet piece of cloth in the moist weather as it will spoil your furniture. Use effective cleaning agents that are suitable for your type of  furnitures.

Use an effective cleaning agent to clean your floor:

During rainy season, the air becomes moist due to which insects, bug, cockroach and flies make way in your home. So, make sure you use an effective cleaning agent every time you clean the floor and avoid dampness.