It can be so difficult to know what to buy a loved one for their birthday, especially if it’s a particularly significant birthday. It must be something special, something loaded with happy memories but not too frivolous, or too boringly practical. What better, then, than a getaway? A romantic getaway, a city break for shopping, a theatre break or a lovely relaxing country weekend – Be it for a weekend or a fortnight, the world – or there’s more than enough to go at right here in the UK – is your oyster.

Choosing the Basics

First things first. How long should you plan to go for? Now, obviously, this depends on many factors – the time of year, work schedules, whether you have children (and if you do, are they invited?) and of course budget. Even just one night away can be a lovely relaxing break if you choose somewhere not too far away – within, say, an hour or two’s drive and one night away will give you almost two full days to relax, explore, shop, eat – whatever floats your metaphorical boat. Of course, two nights may be even better, giving time for more sightseeing, or perhaps some spa treatments – only you know what will suit you – and your loved one – best. If you’re looking at a full week, find somewhere with plenty to offer and other places of interest within easy reach.

Where to Go

Now, where to go. Obviously, this is very much dependent upon geography. If you’re based in Leicester, then the Isle of Skye may be pushing it for a weekend away. Likewise, if you’re in Edinburgh, then leave Cornwall for a summer holiday. Wherever you are in the country, there are areas of interest and beauty within reach. England is not known as a ‘green and pleasant land’ for nothing, and parts of Wales and Scotland are famed for their beauty. Many areas are consistently popular for getaways – the Lake District, Snowdonia, the Cotswolds for example – and relatively easy to reach from almost anywhere. As well as stunning scenery, you will find that certain parts of these areas are more isolated than others, while some are busier and more popular. Again, it’s all about your preferences. Taking the Cotswolds as an example there are beautiful cathedrals and abbeys, stunning gardens and wildlife parks, castle and museums as well as postcard pretty villages and market towns – quite literally, something for everyone.

So, you’ve decided where to go, and for how long. You’ve planned your itinerary when you get there. What’s next? Well, you need to decided what to stay in. We’re guessing that if it’s a birthday getaway you won’t be slumming it in a leaky tent. Seriously, if you really were planning that, think again. A boutique hotel perhaps, or cosy period pub? Maybe a log cabin or lakeside lodge? In fact, for a significant birthday, and to ensure memories can be made for ever more, why not invest in your own holiday home and get away whenever you want or need to? A true home away from home, a break from the stresses of life and the stresses of deciding where to go for a getaway. There are so many options, again to suit all budgets. For example, Watermark Cotswolds promises ‘life undiluted’ and that’s exactly what you should be looking for when booking a getaway.

Now all you need to do is get researching and get booking to give your loved one the birthday getaway of a lifetime. Make it special, make it magical and the memories will be with you forever.