Tips to organise a grand Mickey Mouse themed party for your child

Does your child love Mickey Mouse a lot? Well, there is at least a single fan of this cartoon character in every home. This explains the need of organising a party, especially on this theme. It’s a nice idea to surprise your kid on his or her special day and make the event all the more amazing. But do you know what it takes to organize such a successful Mickey Mouse-themed party? Well, if not, then we are here to help you.

What does it take to organize a grand Mickey Mouse theme party?

There can be lots of things to include in a Mickey Mouse theme-centered party. Just get the most alluring and attractive ones for your child to increase the fun at the party:

  • Get the decorative items of this theme — Add the decorative items which have Mickey Mouse printed on them or stuff that are shaped like the cartoon character. You can pick the balloons in this theme or simply stick the posters of Mickey Mouse around and even LED lights that flash the images of Mickey Mouse are available in the market. Adorn the party venue with these items to create a nice ambiance.
  • Order a Mickey Mouse-themed cake — When customized fondant cakes are making so much of an impact around, why don’t you enjoy its presence in your home during your child’s party? You can simply order a cake that is especially having Mickey Mouse over it and even accompany the same with small cupcakes of a similar shape and theme.
  • Mickey Mouse-shaped bouncy castles —Bouncing castles are a major requirement to ensure that your party is happening, and all the kids enjoy it to the fullest. You can opt for bouncing castle hire in Auckland from Castle Mania. They have incredibly attractive bouncing castles in all types and themes and you just have to pick the one with Mickey Mouse theme, for your party. The kids would be running and jumping all over the castle during the party and truly have fun.
  • Mickey Mouse-themed gifts — You are certainly going to distribute lots of gifts to the children. Be it the return gifts or the ones that they can earn through the party games or competitions, ensure they also have some hint or pictures of Mickey Mouse over them. If not, gift wrap in a paper with Mickey stickers on it.
  • Mickey Mouse party food — For all the biscuits and chocolates and snacks that you are going to have in the party, order these in the shape of Mickey Mouse. There are lots of wafers and biscuits that come in his shape and make a tasty treat for the children.
  • Mickey mouse-themed plates and glasses — It is always a better idea to get disposable crockery for the kids when you are hosting a party. So, Mickey Mouse-themed plates and glasses should make way!

Hope that you and your children enjoy this party to the core. You can even try getting someone who can dress up as a Mickey Mouse and add life to this party.