Guys, meeting cute girls in college is a breeze. As a matter of fact, its a lot easier than scoring a good grade in calculus or completing a 30-page term paper. You just have to play your cards right. Being assertive, well-mannered and well-coiffed are great ways to stack the deck in your favor. Once you’ve got the right deck of cards, you can start to deal the cards and win the game. Even if you’re a bit shy of the ladies, once you begin the game, you’ll get better at it.

Find the girls

college-girlsFirst, you need to place yourself where the cute girls are. Joining a fraternity is a great way to meet lots of new people, including cute college girls. Fraternities sponsor plenty of social events, parties and group projects. Often, fraternities coordinate activities with sororities. With all those sisters, you’re bound to meet a cute girl you’re interested in. Don’t be gun shy and wait for an introduction. If you spot a girl you’re interested in, maneuver yourself over to her and strike up a conversation. Since you’re both college students, talk about college topics, such as classes and majors. When it’s time to go, ask her if she’d like to meet up at a local Starbucks for coffee or at football game. If she turns you down, don’t fret, you’ve got a lot more cards to play with other cute girls. Also, you can always ask your frat brothers to introduce you to some new girls. Networking is a great card to play.


If there’s a cute girl in one of your classes, try to sit near to her. Look for opportunities to engage in conversation with her. Many times, class projects include group teams. Ask if you can join her team. This is an ideal opportunity to get to know her better. Remember, relationships take time, so take it slow and don’t show all your cards too quickly. You can always do a friend request on Facebook to develop the relationship. In time, you’ll be able to tell whether or not she’s interested in you. If she’s not interested, don’t fold, just play another card. Ask her if she’s got any cute girlfriends that she can introduce you to. Keep yourself in the game and learn to have fun with it.


Try to join college clubs that you have an interest in. As they say, “like likes like,” and meeting a girl with a similar interest is an easy way to spark a relationship. If you like tennis, join the college tennis club and get involved in the club’s events. Once you’ve spied a cute girl you’re interested in, ask her if she’d like to play a game of tennis with you. With a shared interest, you can both enjoy the activity and get to know each other better.

There are cute girls in college everywhere, including dining halls, libraries, classes, dorms and much more. Just keep dealing those cards, and sooner or later, you’ll get a winning hand.