If you are renovating a home that is approximately or more than 20 years old, then you need to ask the contractor to detect possible asbestos luring around. Experienced professionals along with specialized training need to undertake the removal along with testing of the asbestos.

Asbestos means a series of six different minerals occurring together. Due to the qualities of heat resistance along with strength, this material found its way into the domain of construction that was high in the late 1970’s. Sadly, the long-term exposure to it increased the chances of lung cancer, along with other form of respiratory illness. However, any home that you come across in the last 20 years is rarely not likely to contain asbestos.

Prior to 1980’s asbestos was used in most of the homes, and in a wide variety of applications like roofing, insulation, flooring, etc. In case, if you are planning to work in an old home, do consider testing of asbestos to check whether there is any form of risk and then get in touch with professional asbestos removal services to get the work done. 

Asbestos, as a building material 

Since asbestos could easily be mixed along with other materials, you cannot spot it in an easy manner. It found its way with cement, textured paints to name a few. In fact, even in the newer homes, you can come across asbestos. The materials of asbestos are normally snugged in these materials. Some of the products include roofing tar, floor tile, etc.

As a homeowner, you should be aware that if any repairs need to be undertaken, it is bound to release asbestos fibres. During the process of repairing, one must discard these items. They are not one to be hazardous when it is kept intact and not disturbed. However, when it is broken down during the course of repair, the fibres from these materials released into the environment ought to cause harm and are harmful. In hindsight, it can be crumbed easily into small particles, which could be inhaled easily.

On the other hand, the products which are incorporated from non-friable asbestos are tightly bound and do not release any harmful materials. Typical examples in this regard include roofing products. This could still be a major cause of worry, as when a non-friable material is sanded; it does release lots of small materials into the environment. 

Asbestos Removal Service

Asbestos Removal Service

Points of concern to keep in mind while hiring an asbestos contractor

1.Regulations pertaining to asbestos tend to vary
You would be aware about the local laws of your state and ensure that the contractor holds the required license and if the need arises necessary permit for the job.

2.Be aware of the health risks
A research pointed to the fact that numerous health risks were associated with inhaling asbestos. When it is inhaled and reaches out to the lung passages, it is bound to cause serious damage. As per health experts, a majority of us are exposed to asbestos in the form of water. The health effects have all emerged from people who have been exposed to asbestos for a considerable time. Each one of us who is exposed to asbestos is not going to be sick at all. Besides, in case, if you do so the symptoms are not going to be visible for a long time, as well.

3.Hiring a contractor
When you are looking at the option of asbestos removal services, do check the track record of the contractor and ask for reference of projects being undertaken. Make sure that the cost quoted is reasonable at the same time and they use all the safety measures.