The CBD oil industry is becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. This is because of the immense health benefits associated with CBD, a compound extracted from cannabis sativa plant specific. However, since the market lacks regulation and transparency, you must ensure that you are buying premium quality hemp oil for excellent results. Here are a few factors to keep in mind and ensure that you get the best CBD oil in the market.


The quality of CBD oil is dependent on its source. This means where the plant was grown, how it was grown and the specific species such as sativa, indica, or ruderalis. The final product will be reflected in the climate, soil, and the plants grown on farms close by. This is the main reason why the hemp cultivation environment is essential. This is because the hemp plant easily absorbs contaminants from the soil and environment it grows in. Always look for brands that source their cannabinoids from organically certified hemp farms in pristine locations in Europe, Germany, or the United States.

Extraction methods

When buying CBD oil, you need to consider the extraction techniques used by the manufacturer. In order to get cannabidol rich oil, you must extract it from cannabis plants. There are different techniques that used for extraction by manufactures. Some companies will use economical methods that involve the use of toxic solvents like hexane, butane, propane, and pentane. These solvents are found in petroleum and they are flammable hydrocarbon gases. These neurotoxic solvents may leave dangerous residues in the CBD oil that can impede healing and compromise your immune function. Look for companies that use subcritical or supercritical CO2 extraction as it preserves the plants trichromes including terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.

Zero heat extraction techniques

Heat is an inexpensive way of extracting CBD oil and many manufacturers will use this method. However, heat tends to kill the essential nutrients in Hemp oil. For superior quality cannabidiol oil, you should look for manufacturers who use CO2 extraction technique that helps maintain whole plant integrity. For excellent results, you want all the terpenes in the oil intact because this synergy of all nutrients from the hemp plant ensures the entourage effect.

Third party tested products

To get premium quality CBD products, you should opt for manufacturers that follow rigorous regulations such as screening that guarantees the purest oils. The lack of FDA regulation in this industry does not mean there are zero regulations. Manufacturers will resort to self-regulation to ensure that their products are verified in a more trustworthy manner. They can achieve this by allowing their products to be tested by a third party laboratory. These companies will check the components of the CBD hemp oil before they are released to the market.

CBD oil can help improve your health both physically and mentally. There is a wide range of CBD products available today in online stores and brick-and-mortar shops. In spite of the ease of access, you must exercise due diligence whenever you purchase CBD. Make sure that you only purchase CBD oil from great companies that are known to offer excellent and effective products because your health and well-being are at stake. Always go for CBD oil products that are sold with full transparency and legally.