Remodeling a home can be quite enjoyable and fun for some homeowners and a chore for others. All that matters is the detail that you put into the entire renovation process.  Skirting boards are one of the areas of the house that you can upgrade as they run through several areas and can be painted and easily upgraded. This can be done anywhere you have walls, for example, living areas, kitchen, bedrooms and more. Here are tips to help you choose high-quality skirting boards.

Determine the look you want

You should determine the overall design of your home and what you actually want. Know whether you want something eccentric, elegant, or simple. This will assist you in choosing the right skirting board to buy and the best colors for painting it. Some homeowners may be considering a design overhaul, while others just want to update whatever they already have. Irrespective of the group you fall in, the look you want will ultimately affect the skirting boards you choose.

Desirable style

If you want skirting board styles that you already have, then you should save the boards that you have so that you can use them to purchase new ones. However, if you are considering a new design, then you must follow the style guidelines. For example, if you live in a modern home, then you should go for skirting board designs that are sleek. The best options for modernized homes are pencil round, chamfered, and square-edge options. For older period-styled homes, you can choose skirting designs such as torus, ovolo, and ogee.

The Skirting Height

Ensure that you choose the right height so that you do not purchase either undersized or over-sized skirting boards. The ultimate look that you want will play a major role in the height that you choose. If you are using skirting boards as kicking barriers for high-traffic homes, then you should opt for boards that are taller to guarantee the protection of your wallpaper and paint. If your home is older, then you should buy skirting boards that are high as it will be more extravagant and lavish. For modern homes, a sleek design of about 125mm will be ideal.

Painting or no painting

The final finish of the skirting boards will play a major role in your overall home décor. This is why you should decide whether you want to paint your skirting boards or not. If your home needs whiteboards, then you do not have to paint your boards. However, if white is different from the rest of the boards, then you can consider painting them. You need to be cautious when painting your boards and choose colors that are neutral or contrasting. Using lighter colors for a large room will give it a more spacious feel.


When buying skirting boards, ensure that you purchase those that do not take up a lot of space. This way, you will get more floor space in the house. This will enable you to keep the wall radiator free from any restrictions. The boards should also be responsive with regard to floor heating as it will help you save money and time in the long run.

There are several things that you should take care of when you’re planning to build or renovate your house. The above mentioned are some of the tips to keep in mind when purchasing skirting boards for your new home or renovating. With the right boards for your home, you will enjoy your space better, and it will also have a great look.