We all love our mothers and therefore would love to appreciate them. Mother’s day is one of those days we would love to surprise our mothers. There are many ways we can show love to them. You can send them a love letter, take them for a vacation to their favorite place, or just visit her as a family. Most grandmothers love to hang out with their grandchildren, so surprise her with a visit.

Other mothers love flowers, jewelry, bags, shoes, etc. You can also search for other gift options online. If your mother is a jewelry lover, you should find good options. Moreover, most stores give perks for special days such as mother’s day, Christmas etc.

Still want to find out how to choose the best gift for mother’s day? There are lots of ways you can get your mother to be happy. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be gifts; it can be outdoor fun activities or even helping the needy in the community and other things. Keep reading….

Know Your Mother

First things first. Learn your mother. Know what she loves. Does she like surprises? Is she a jewelry woman or more into shoes? Understand what your mother loves so you know what to get her. You don’t want to buy her a gift that she will not use. Or worse still, you don’t want to buy her a gift which she will end up giving out.

What is her Style?

Is she the sophisticated type? Does your mother love brands? If your mother is the critiquing type, then you had better get her exactly what she loves. But for some other mothers like mine, any gift can pass. The reason to buy a gift for her is to know you appreciate and love her. So whichever way you do it, ensure that message is passed across.


Whatever gift you buy, ensure to keep within your budget. You don’t want to overstretch your budget. No one wants to be in debt because of buying gifts for their beloved mother. Mother’s day is on the 10th may, so ensure everything including gifts falls within the may budget. Search on the aisle for silver bangles for women, they should be affordable. Always resist the urge of impulsive buying as it can push you into debt.

Do Fun Activities Together

To make someone happy, you don’t necessarily have to buy them gifts. There are lots of fun activities outdoor you can enjoy together as a family. If she is the health conscious type, go with her to the gym or prepare her best salad. To spice things up, you can hire for her a trainer to come home on that day. Other fun activities include walking the dog, going for a movie, eating out, jogging etc.

Learn a Skill

You can get her a professional chef to make her favorite meal. Better still, purchase for her a cook book or a DIY book/CD. She can learn a new skill like crocheting, farming, arranging flowers, Interior decor, singing etc. Subscribe her or enroll her into any of her favorite courses. She can also subscribe to any local club of her choice.

Serving the Community

I know for a fact that my mother derives satisfaction from helping other people. So I would get her toiletries and groceries and together we go to children homes or any needy community. Sometimes we take to them cooked food and she serves them. After food, she can get to interact with the children, listen to their stories, and play games together and other activities. At the end of the day, she is the happiest. See, appreciating your loved ones doesn’t have to be expensive.

Ask Friends for Ideas

If you are still confused on what to get your mother, ask friends. You must be having a friend that is good at buying gifts. Let him/her know that you haven’t got a gift yet for lack of ideas. Also, let them know your budget and what type of personality your mother is. They should be able to help you choose.

Final Verdict

Buying mother’s day gifts shouldn’t be a daunting task.  Know what gifts are likely to appeal to her, set a budget and buy a gift within that limit. If she is not the type that loves gifts, you can enroll her for a course or together do outdoor fun activities. Also, together cook and go share lunch/dinner with the needy in the community.