It can be dreadful for any person in a relationship to be unsure as to whether they can trust their partner. There are many people that believe their partners may be cheating but they have no idea how to go about finding out for sure one way or the other. Fortunately, in today’s high tech world it has become easier to find out things such as this because in the current digital world we live in even cheating has become digital! Many people have been caught out due to factors such as cheating via Facebook or other social media sites.

If you are suspicious of your partner and you want to find out whether they may be cheating, there are a few tips that could help. Of course, some of the do not conclusively prove that your partner is doing something they shouldn’t but they can help to give you a better idea of whether your suspicions are founded or not.

Some of the tell-tale signs to look out for

 Have you noticed that your partner is receiving more incoming calls or messages than usual or is making far more calls or being busy on the phone than in the past? If so, this could be a sign that they are cheating and the person they are calling or receiving calls from could be the other guilty party. If your partner receives a call while you are around and takes it out of earshot of you, find out from them who it was once the call is over. They may lie and say it was a friend or family member whose phone number you already know. All you need to do then is use a reverse phone lookup facility to find out who it actually was that was calling. If your partner was lying you know that they are probably up to no good.

If your partner uses a shared computer to access social media sites, there is a good chance that at some point they will forget to log out and this means you can access the site yourself on the same device. This will enable you to check the private messages to see whether they have been sending anything suspicious to another person, which could determine one way or another whether they are having an affair or even attempting to have one. This is something that many people have been caught out doing on social media sites and it has resulted in the end of many relationships.

Another thing you look at is the way your partner dresses and grooms themselves. If they were quite casual and relaxed about their appearance in the past but have suddenly started making an effort when going out or going to work, there is a chance that they are making that effort for someone special. If that someone special is not you, then you know there is someone else that they are going the extra mile for, which is most likely the person they are cheating with.