Moving out of your rented accommodation can mean lots of packing, moving around and fulfilling all the tenant’s agreements. Whether you have a sweet or sour relationship with your landlord or landlady, you need to get your deposit back once you’ve moved out of their place. Getting the entire deposit back can be a challenge sometimes because your landlord or landlady might come up with reasons to cut on your deposit or keep the entire amount.

There are few things that you can do on your part to ensure that you get your deposit back. Here are some tips to help you ensure that you don’t lose out on a huge chunk of your security deposit.

1. House Maintenance

The first thing that your landlord or landlady will notice is the condition in which you’re leaving their house. This means that you need to leave the house tidy and clean. You can call for services that provide end of tenancy cleaning in Bristol. Professional cleaning services will be able to help you get rid of any tough stains in the house, clean the washrooms and leave the house spick and span with no complaints for the owner.

2. Click Photographs

Once you’ve got the house cleaned by commercial cleaning services in Bristol and moved all your things out, click photographs of the empty, clean house. This will ensure that you have proof to show to your landlord that you left the house in a tidy and clean condition.

3. Read the Agreement Carefully

You must read your lease carefully and ensure that you are following all the rules and guidelines mentioned in it, especially the ones regarding the notice period. You have to be very careful about following the notice period guidelines if you want your deposit back.

4. Ask Your Landlord To Inspect The Place

Once you’ve got the place cleaned up and moved all your stuff out of the home, ask your landlord/ landlady to come and inspect the house in your presence. This way he/ she can tell you whether he/ she’s going to cut the deposit money for any damages or broken parts. If not, then he/ she has no reason to cut your deposit. This is a great, healthy way to ensure that you are letting your landlord/ landlady know you’ve left the house in a good condition and deserve the deposit back.

5. Organise Your Place

To ensure a smooth cleaning and moving out of the place, start organising your things early. Don’t leave packing and organising to the last minute because that is going to leave you with very little time to clean the house and do small repairs. You would want a day or two to do small repairs around the house, repaint some patches so that you can handover the house to your landlord/ landlady in a good condition and not lose out on your deposit.

6. Tick Rental Inspection List

To make things a little easier for you, download a rental inspection checklist which will help ensure that you tick off all the boxes. It will help you tick boxes and check your apartment for repairs, blemishes, marks etc. You can also give a copy of the inspection checklist to your landlord/ landlady for his/ her records.


The main factor that determines whether you’ll be getting your deposit back or not is the maintenance and cleanliness of the house. If you fix the things you broke, make the repairs that are needed and give back the house in a clean condition, chances are that you’ll get your whole deposit back. Do your part well so that the landlord/ landlady has very limited, to no reasons to cut on your deposit.