When you see the nicotine it brings memory waves of getting addicted towards it for a long time. Yes that happens and no human is a saint who commits no sin. Every person in all walks of life is being addicted to something. When it comes to disrupt the normal living of oneself and others it creates a problem. Such kind of problem is smoking. When you feel like you have to switch your peak level of smoking to a petite level you can try e-cigarettes which will gradually decrease you habit of smoking.

What are e-liquids?

E-liquids or ejuice are combination of chemical compounds of nicotine which provide the same sensation of smoking but they are a level low in creating hazard rather than smoking. It is made up of two main streams and they are,

  • Nicotine
  • Nicotine free

The levels of nicotine differ from each product. The forms of selling e-cig are,

  • None
  • Extra light
  • Light
  • Regular
  • High

Among all these classifications nicotine is free in only one category which is “none”. You can start treating your friend with e-cig from regular to light and then extra light to none. By this way you can help your friend or somebody to come out of addictive smoking.


You can start treating your friend or patient with this level because it contains 18 milligrams of nicotine content in it. When the patient starts consuming it he will never feel that he is away from smoking. You can give him some advices to stop smoking and move the intake to nicotine level to a lower one.


The next level consists of 12mg of nicotine content. A no better change will be felt by the smoker because it is just 6mg decrease. You must allot this light e-cig for some period of days to make them realize this is the level of smoking they are in need.

Extra light

This extra light has nicotine in an amount of 6 mg nicotine. This is the farthest improvement in their smoking habit. The 6mg can do no harm in them and it can be reduced to next level which is zero zone.


The level of nicotine is zero and that’s why it is named as none. It contains only vegetable glycerin and added flavor of which the user is interested. You can ask your friend to choose his flavor in e-cig and can decrease the dose gradually because many websites sell same flavors with decrease in milligrams.

This is the best way to control the habit of smoking. Even you can treat your fellows by following the procedures. The ejuice is available in many websites along with the devices. They are available in the form of cartridges and they can be refilled according to your cost and affordability. This is better way to stop smoking. This vape doesn’t contain so much of nicotine like in cigarettes and the vape having different flavors in it distract the smoker to smoke more and more times in a day. For better results try using e-liquids to safe yourself from smoking habit.