Marriage is one of the prevalent events in your life, which involves a lot of preparations.  The list of preparation for the wedding day seems to be never-ending. At times, the process of making sure that everything is correctly done can be extremely intimidating and demanding.

And becoming a bride is probably the exceedingly unique journey in every woman’s life. 

All eyes lie on the couple, and you are the star of the day. So, it’s paramount to look great (which most people does)! For that, you need to entrust other people with the responsibility of making you look perfect so that you can relish every single moment of your big day.

How to select the right hairstylist for your wedding

1. Start the process early

What kind of hairstyle you want on your wedding day depends a lot on the length, style, and texture of your hair. If you start late, there are chances that you will miss out on the design that you had so dreamt of.

When you start the search for hairstylist soon, you not only have sufficient time to scrutinize each profile thoroughly, but you also get enough time to discuss and plan your hairstyle. And prepare your hair accordingly and elaborately.

2. Check the Portfolio

You will surely not want any mess up on your big day, and not an inch with your looks!

When hiring a hairdresser, make sure that you review her portfolio. Mobile bridal hairdresser in Sydney understands that clients will not sign them without seeing their previous works. Thus they have ready portfolios and feedbacks from past clients.

3. Discuss at Length 

Once you narrow down your list of hairstylists, meet them, and apart from the budget, have at discussions at length on the following topics.

  • Hairstyles: Ask the professional to suggest hairstyles that go perfectly with y our hair, your stature and face. Also, discuss if they can suggest hairstyle of your bridesmaids which will compliment yours.
  • Products Used: Know the brands of products the stylist uses. If you have sensitive skin, you may ask if you can use your specific brand, or request her to use the same. Generally, they use premium brands on bides, which are safe for use.
  • Preparations: Know from her if you need to take any extra measures to prepare your hair for the wedding day. Sometimes, frizzy and rough hair needs hair treatments. And then some makeups go best with a certain length of hair.

Once you are satishfied with a hairstylist, do not delay further and book her dates on priority. Ideally, you should be hiring one, at least six months before your wedding.

4. Go for Experienced Ones

  • Hire a separate and specialized hairstylist 

Most people hire only one makeup artist who takes care of the bride’s hair also. We are not saying they do not know hairdressing, but they are not the experts specialized in hair styling. A hair stylist needs to undergo a three to four years course before she gets her certificate. And most of the makeup artists do it is a subject of their course, or some take up a crash course in hairstyling.

It’s your wedding day, why compromise on anything? 

  • Consult and Trial

Once you decide on the hairdresser, she will ideally start the consultation process two months before your marriage day. Your hairdresser must take out sufficient time for a detailed consultation, which could last for more than a few hours. You both must know each other – while she needs to know your requirement, you also need to know her style of working. This, in turn, will help you both to have a good understanding on the big day.

During the consultation process, your hairstylist tries to understand your exact needs and styles. She will also advise you on which type of design works best for you and give an edge to your look and existing features. She will consider everything while deciding your hairstyle – your facial structure, your bridal dress, the theme of your marriage, etc.

A good one mostly prefers to experiment with different hairstyle before deciding one.