Kurtis are the best Indian ethnic wear to wear on any occasion. It is very comfortable, breathable and stylish. No matter if you are at work, party or home, you may wear your favorite Cotton Kurti with great style and confidence. Designer Kurtis can instantly accentuate your look and elevate your style. No wonder why Kurtis is so popular among designers and Bollywood divas.

Designer designs and stylish Kurti silhouettes can be worn by women of every body type. Whether you are a pear-shaped woman or hourglass figure diva, the stylish Kurti designs can never disappoint.

So, here is a quick style guide so that you won’t miss a chance to leave a lasting impression with your Kurti. Know how you may enhance your look by choosing the best Kurti with the right neck design for your body type. Read on to find out how to pick the neck design for your designer Kurti. Get ready to slay with your look!

How to Choose the Right Kurti Neck Design According To Your Body Type?

Here is your guide about different body shapes and the neckline you should choose accordingly to flaunt your designer Kurti.

1.   Pear-Shaped Body Type

Pear-shaped women possess a triangular-shaped body. They have a well-defined waistline and narrow shoulders. This body shaped women hip lines are well rounded and proportionally wider than their bust and shoulder.

Best Kurti Neckline: Deep round neckline suits best on Pear-shaped women. This Kurti neck design makes their shoulders look broader and their hips balanced. It also highlights their collar bone. If you are a pear-shaped woman with a shorter neck, the deep rounded neckline will make you look fabulous creating an illusion of a long neck.

2.   Athlete Body Type

Like the name, Athletic body type women have a sporty figure. Their shoulders and hips measurements are the same. The waistline is not very small or well-defined but it’s straight from both up and down. The weight of these women are evenly distributed throughout their body. Such women should wear Kurtis that may balance their broader upper half by accentuating their legs and hips. They just need to keep the volume either on top or bottom.

Best Kurti Neckline: V- neck design is the perfect choice for Athlete shaped women. It creates an illusion of curves and gives you a more feminine appearance. Also, it balances the broad shoulders, stout torso and heavy bust. For those who have short necks and chubby faces, V-necklines draw attention to the center portion of the body, covering their flaws.

3.   Apple Body Shape

Women with this body type have broad shoulders and larger bust as compared to their hip portion. These women have an undefined waistline and a smaller hip. Their legs and arms are slim and their upper body portion is bulky. Apple body shaped women should avoid wearing turtle or round neck, boat neck, halter neck design and off-shoulder dresses.

Best Kurti Neckline: Sweetheart neck design is the best choice for Apple-shaped women. It highlights your natural curves and balances out the overall silhouette. This neck design also looks great on women with shorter necks. It creates an illusion of an elongated neck and gives them a perfect diva appearance.

4.   Hourglass Body Shape

This is one of the most desirable body shapes. All the Kurti designs look great on this body shaped woman. Hourglass-shaped women have well-balanced curves. Their lower body portion and bust lines are perfectly balanced. They have a smaller waistline and are blessed with naturally round buttocks. Their upper body is in proportion with their legs. These women should wear clothes that could flaunt their perfect curves.

Best Kurti Neckline: Any Kurti neck design will look best on an Hourglass-shaped woman. However, is they don’t want to take any chance and want the best neckline for their designer Kurti, then they should prefer a boat neckline. Boat neck Kurti design will highlight the curves of their collarbone and will accentuate their feminine beauty to the most.

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