Now, men can look really cool, professional and at the same time sassy if they wear the right type of suits. Now, there are so many men who look really delightful and charming when they wear the suit. But then , there are also men who look really dull and unattractive in their suits. The point is, you should wear the suits that complement your personality no matter it is a wedding suit, casual suit, or business suit.

Once you come across the Best menswear stores, you would know how exciting options are there in men suits. It is true that it may get daunting to select a perfect suit for yourself mainly if this is your first rodeo because there’s a lot to keep in mind when buying a suit. From proper fitting to your style to shade and everything in between. Well, you can most of the times purchase the right suit if you keep the right things in your mind. Keep on reading to explore some important points.

Suit for Which Occasion?

First on the list, ask yourself “What is the event or occasion?”, “Where are you planning on wearing your suit?” Is it for everyday use or for anoffice environment or job interview or for a special formal or informal occasion, there are various occasions that you may want to wear the suit to?  Well, the point is, Knowing the occasion helps you to dictate the usual style of your suit and the accessories you pick.After all, you cannot simply wear a glossy, stylish maroon party suit in a business meeting. Similarly, you may not want to wear a black formal business suit in a party evening, right?

Suit for which season?

With the rapid change in season, changes the colour, style and most importantly fabric of your suit and the most important changes can be seen in the trends like Spring/Summer and even that of Autumn/Winter lines. In hot summers you should go for something light-weight like linen and lighter in shade like pastels whereas in winters you can look at some heavy material and in darker colours to make you feel cosy and somewhat warm.

Choose the right shades 

Generally speaking, for an everyday suit, you can get four options when it comes to colour: grey, blue, brown, and most importantly black. For daily wear suit, you can go for grey or navy blue which make you appear really sharp and classy. Black inclines to be all tie hit and the best and safest option but more formal and browner, while dashing, can be tough to pull off sometimes. You should not get dissuade from brown, because it can look smart but in case not matched well with your shoes and shirt, it can look sticky and outdated. 

Of course, cream suits pastel suits, and burgundy suits are always an option too but as established earlier, they are limited to the occasion, season, and time.


So, you can easily look for the right type of men suits from top designer menswear stores.  After all, variety is there to embrace you only you need to make a tactful choice.