Flower garden adores the beauty of house. There are so many flower plants available for outdoor indoor garden. Flower appeals the happiness, brightness at homes. But it needs proper care and treatment. They are like babies you must take care of your garden. Here we have come with beautiful tips and tricks to care your flower garden. If you are thinking to make a flower garden or vegetable garden at your space, this article is going to help you. This will guide you in showing which type of flower you can plant and how to take care of it for perfect blooming. If you want to buy a valentine day bouquet, send roses online from here.


How to Take care of Roses

Rose in Winter

Roses appear and grow in winter season well. It requires five to 6 hours mild sun for growing. For better growth of flowers you need to take care of some tips, we are going to mention below.

  • Plant modern hybrid roses, they blooms faster and they are sturdy and bloom for longer time.
  • For home gardens it requires an accurate soil. It can bear the near neutral pH range of 5.5-7.0 is the perfect soil for garden.
  • Or you can buy the rose plant with container from the local garden. But you must buy it in the December and January month when it blooms well.
  • Now the time is to water. If it is the winter season, don’t water it daily. You must use the pots or container with holes. If the summer season starts water it daily for two times. Water it when the soil gets hard.
  • Prune the dead flowers or dead leaves or stems from the plant.
  • Liquid fertilization is better. Feed the rose with fertilizer every 15 days.
  • If you find any disease on the leaves, you can use pesticides to kill that disease. Overuse of pesticides can harm to plants so give it as per the direction in the pesticides bottle.
  • In the summer season don’t give a direct hit, place it on the shadow where the direct sun light doesn’t hit.

How to Take care of Geraniums

It’s not very tough to grow the Geraniums in the winter garden. It has a beautiful color and appealing scent. Here are some tips for how to grow Geraniums.

  • Get the container with the hole. The Common or Zonal Geraniums and Ivy-Leaf Geraniums are perfect for hanging basket or pots.
  • Choose the size of the plant as per planting container. Put the plant inside and cover it with soil. Also keep some space for mulch to insulate the soil. Don’t give it a hard press; add the soil with mild hands.
  • Sunny window is the best place to keep the hanging or window boxes.
  • Prune or cut the dead flowers every week. Don’t water it too much. You can water it every two days. Direct sun light can burn the plant. So keep it on the sunny but shadow side.
  • Fertilize it after 15 days; water it one day before giving fertilization. Use pesticides if any disease occurs in the plant. You can prune the diseased side of the plant.

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Tips for Perennial Garden

Tips for Perennial Garden

Perennials are a long live flower.  Mostly Perennials are blooms in the spring and summer season. Time is most important for growing perennial garden. Plant perennials before sun hit strokes. Now let us give you the tips for planting perennials.

  • Grow it in the container with the hole. Water it every day two times. Plan to plant the perennials before first frost. You can grow perennials in the sunny windows or yard where the full sun light appears for 6 to 7 hours.
  • First remove the grass from the area where you are going to plant a perennial. Now check the soil. If it is hard you can use mulch or organic materials to make the soil soft.
  • Cut the dead flowers every week. Pinch top of each stem for pruning shears.
  • Use liquid fertilizer for feeding the plant. You can also use pesticides in some plants if any kind of insect appears in the plant.
  • If weather is extreme hot you can buy the metal supports to provide a net shade to plants.
  • At the local nursery garden you will get all the perennials plants suits to the present weather.

Tips to set up Winter Kitchen Garden
Tips for Winter Kitchen Garden

Are you all set to make a winter kitchen garden? Definitely you can overcome to it from our kitchen garden tips. There are lots of herbs and veggies you can grow in your kitchen windows or outdoors. It will provide you vitamins and nutrients you don’t get with the chemical sprayed herbs.


First of all decide how much space you have and how much vegetables you can grow at one time. No problem if you have a small space in the kitchen. You can use small pots to grow small herbs like cilantro, chilies, thyme coriander etc. If you have large space you can opt for veggies like broccoli, capsicum, tomatoes, lady’s finger and many more.


  • For the perfect kitchen garden you need a sunny spot. If you don’t have a sunny spot and it is dark, you can opt for bulb light generates the hit for growing plant.
  • You must take good soil or invite the gardener to get the good soil and plant herbs for you
  • Watering daily two times is must. Vegetables are drought tolerant so it requires plenty of water to grow.
  • Use organic fertilizers to get the pleasure of having organic food.
  • Cropping is necessary to shape up your kitchen garden.
  • You can use organic pesticides if you find any type of insect or occurs in the plant.
  • We assure you these ideas will work to serve your needs for organic food.


We have provided all the beautiful guidelines for how to nurture your garden and flowers. If you are a green thumb and want to make your garden in the little space, these tricks will work for you. You can visit to local nurseries and plan to grow flowers and herbs as per the climate.