We all want to keep our homes safe and sound. Especially if we are pregnant or have a baby with us. From the time the parents come to know that they are pregnant they start preparing for the baby’s arrival. They start preparing the baby’s nursery and making the most necessary changes in the home to make the home safe for the baby. They start baby-proofing the house by installing gates near the stairs, and kitchen. Likewise, they also want the sleeping environment to be safe for the babies to prevent death from sudden infant death syndrome. 

One of the ways to maintain a safe sleep environment is to keep the baby’s room temperature comfortable enough so that the baby can have a great night’s sleep. This not only ensures that the baby wakes up fine and happy. But, also each and every member of the house get good rest at night. 

The ideal room temperature for the baby’s nursery is between 68 degrees and 72 degrees Fahrenheit ( 20 to 22.2 degrees Celsius). One of the best ways to ensure that your baby’s nursery is at a proper temperature is to install a baby room thermometer in your baby’s nursery. Let me give you a few tips on how to buy the best baby room thermometer for your baby’s nursery.

Tips to buy the best baby room thermometer

There are a great number of room thermometers available in the market. So, you might get confused about what product to buy and what not to.  In this blog, we will discuss with you a few tips on how to buy the perfect baby room thermometer for your baby’s nursery.  Baby room thermometers are fitted with features to make it easy for the parents to know whether the temperature is ok or not. Here are those features to look for

  • Color coding
  • Big display
  • Built-in hygrometer 
  • Loud alarm system

Color coding

Many baby room thermometers include color-changing technology. Let me tell you why it is so important. Color is the first thing that is noticed by the parents or other adults from far enough. If the color on the baby room thermometer is yellow it indicates that the temperature is perfect. If the color of the thermometer is orange then the indication is the baby’s room is slightly warm and you need to either remove a layer of clothing of the baby. If the thermometer shows red color then it means that the baby’s nursery is too warm and you need to either reduce the temperature on the thermostat of your home or open a window. If the thermometer shows the color-coding blue then that means that the room is really cold and you need to switch on the heating system. 

Big display

We need to get a digital room thermometer with a big display is because it could be easily readable to the parents in very little light. Also, the bigger display will ensure that the parents do not have any confusion on what decision to take. 

Built-in hygrometer

Hygrometers are weather instruments that can measure humidity in the atmosphere. Hygrometers can calculate the amount of humidity and with the help of it can calculate the temperature changes. So, if there is high humidity then there are chances that there will be an increase in the temperature, and that way you can come to know about the increase in humidity and open the window or increase the airflow to lessen the humidity and eventually decrease the temperature.

Loud alarm system

Your baby room thermometer should be having a loud beeping alarm system, so, that if you or any other family member do not notice the change in temperature the alarm system can alert you.

These are the tips to buy a good baby room thermometer. If you know of anything else please do let me know in the comments section below.