It is a culture and even an honor to wear spring racing fascinators on the race day. It is fun; it is full of thrill and excitement adding to the hype as essentially to the fashion. The bright colours, innovative designs and stylish wearing add to the elegance, flamboyance and style quotient.  Wearing these headpieces is so thrilling.

Attending races is not as easy as you think as there are a lot of things to consider right from your dress to the shoes, from your hairstyle to the matching fascinator in order to make a fashion statement. If you do not plan everything strategically and early, all this can go out of hand and seem crazy. Therefore, follow the tips to pick the best fascinators to match with your overall outfit.

Spring Racing Fascinators

Spring Racing Fascinators

Consider Your Face Shape

Your face shape will play a very significant role as to which style of spring racing fascinators you will buy and wear. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Oval – If your face is oval choose fascinators that have more width. If you wear smaller ones, then make sure it has lost of details. For longer oval faces wear large brim ones.
  • Round – If your face is round, fascinators with wide and long line details are best suited. Brim hats and fascinators that slope away from your forehead are also recommended.
  • Square – If you have a square face then fascinators with layers and heights are recommended. Also check out for flowers, feathers and flowing line details so that it softens your look.

Hairstyle and Outfit

Your hair style and outfit should also match with the spring racing fascinators you wear. You may use a bun to create space for the headpiece. On the other hand, ponytail is great for crowns. If your hair is loose and wavy wear fascinators that extend outwards.

Your outfit also plays a significant role as it must follow and complement your fascinator. Choose comfortable heels if not fold-up flats to stay classy.

How to Wear A Fascinator

Traditionally, if you are wearing millinery it must be on the right side of your head. However, these days there you can wear it at any side. It all depends on how the milliner has made it and whether it has trims and details. Make sure you try it several times to check whether it looks good and fits naturally.

The elastic is not necessary to hide. This will also enable you to remove the spring racing fascinators after the competition to flaunt your fabulous hair-do. Moreover, it will also make easier for you to get in, sit and get out of your car. However, hiding or not the elastic is a personal choice.

Spring Racing Fascinators

Spring Racing Fascinators

The Best Hairstyle

Your hairstyle should match with the spring racing fascinators as well. Therefore, after you have covered the basics try out a few most popular hairstyles for a race day.

  • A donut bun is very easy and sleek hair style. You can master it at home using the hair donut accessory. Curl the hair first to maneuver it easily around the donut.
  • Choose the size of the donut considering the length of your hair.
  • Never mind about the position, as you can wear the donut buns at any position on your head. You can have it high up or at the center. You can also put it down low or off to one side depending on the place where the millinery will sit.

You can make the best use of your hair by teasing it around the donut to create a bigger bun even with a short hair that does not pass your shoulders.