A major population of the world is well aware of the beauty and charm of kilim boots. They are fun, unique and one of the best Turkish souvenir you can have with you. They make you look good in every outfit for every occasion. They don’t just prove to be a perfect makeover accessory but also a great style inspiration for all your look. If you want to style yourself in premium, vintage stylish, handwoven kilim shoes, then you should definitely order one online.

One of the best ways to order authentic kilim boots is to choose a Turkish shop. These stores offer you legit, handwoven kilim shoes of top quality. Very often, you may be scammed online with fake kilim products. Hence, it is suggested to buy from a reliable and reputed store only. Little Istanbul is an online store that deals in authentic Turkish products and kilim items. If you are looking for genuine kilim stuff, then look here. You will find top quality products at the best rates. They don’t just prove to be a perfect makeover accessory but also a great style inspiration for all your look. All you need to do is order them from the comfort of your home and it will get delivered at your doorsteps.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind when buying Kilim shoes:

  1. First and foremost, you need to match your foot size with the size chart mentioned on the website. It is important to do this or you may end up ordering the wrong foot size for you.
  2. Secondly, it is important to check the return and refund policy of the website, in case you have any issue with the product or you are not satisfied with it.
  3. Read reviews of the products you are buying to find out if there are any complaints written. Choose a website that has good product reviews.
  4. Check out the detailed picture of the shoes before ordering one. Make sure you zoom the images to know the color combinations, geometric designs and vibrancy.
  5. Always stick to a budget. Yes, you are bound to get charmed by the beauty of kilim shoes. Hence, you should set a budget for yourself and never surpass it.
  6. Every Kilim shoes have a unique color combination and geometric pattern. Hence it is important to be specific of your color preference and needs.
  7. If confused, take a second opinion. In the state of confusion, it is suggested to seek help from a friend. Share the website and ask for their opinion.
  8. Make sure the store has a reliable history and a good experience in the field. Look out for the authenticity and review of the store.
  9. Be aware of the material you are buying. Check the description well. Though you cannot touch it physically, the accurate idea of the material can be acquired with the product description.
  10. Do not order too many shoes in your first order. Remember the first order is a test. Once it is right, you are free to shop as much as you want.