After a long vacation have you ever felt the urge to continue being in the top level luxury that you had in the hotels you stayed? The fluffy pillows, cotton sheets and thick carpet and spa bathroom are sure to make you miss all the vacation vibes. Here are some tips to make your house look and feel like a luxury hotel.

A lavish bedroom

A lavish bedroom is where the bed takes a centre stage and is made look beautiful with matching pillows and curtains. The bed should be in king/queen size with egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy pillows. The headboard of the bed should look magnificent with two side tables and lamps along with a couple cozy chair and an elegant armoire for clothes. There should also be a well-fitted cabinet for tv. House owners do not usually give much attention to bedrooms as guests don’t see it. But you deserve to wake up to a nice and positive feeling every morning. So don’t hesitate, start investing in your luxury bedroom. 

Spa bathroom

You can create a replica of spa bathroom in hotels with a glass enclosed shower, full body jet and shower head with equal pressure which can awaken your body if you are ready to spend. You can also do small things like add hot towels and large mirrors. You can also have a bathrobe or supreme quality cotton and dim lights. Shower curtain and some scented candles can also do some magic. 

A luxurious looking entryway

The easiest place in your house that you can turn into a luxurious looking area is your entryway. You can start with a centerpiece. If you could put a table in the middle and the centerpiece on it, it will grab all the attention. You can also choose to put flowers on the table, some books of your personal taste. If you plan on keeping a table near a wall make sure to add a nice piece of decor to it with a mirror and some small decor items like a pretty lamp, a bowl of trinkets and some photos. Make your entryway as lavish as possible to leave an impact.

Well-designed curtains

One thing very attractive about luxury hotels are the curtains. You can find some custom draperies if you want to add a posh look to your home than wooden window blinds. If that seems expensive you can hire someone to sew custom draperies at a cheaper rate and of your choice. Buy the fabric on your own because some people may charge extra for fabric shopping. Pick fabrics that suit your taste and matches with the rest of the room. You can even make your curtains match your floor tiles. To get a rich feeling on your flooring option you can reach out to tilers wellington. The tiles, curtains or small room accessories having similar design or color can add more elegance to your room. Don’t forget about black-out curtains that are available in hotels.

Climate control

A hotel, as you might have noticed, are always the right temperature. If you need to get the same feeling at your home, you can do it by installing a variable programmable thermostat. An optimal temperature can be attained with this type of temperature depending on our needs. There are many phone-controllable thermostats. If budget is a concern, you can install a ceiling fan. If not, then you can add moisturized remote control blinds for sunny windows. Achieving the perfect temperature is the key to getting hotel-like luxury.

Well-organized spaces

You can attain a designer-organized luxury hotel look with some research. Use magazines and the internet to get an idea on how to organize your house to look beautiful and well planned. You can add some portraits and paintings to the walls. Even wall tiles nz are widely available which can get a visitor’s attention with their smooth glazing coatings. 

Apart from all these, you can invest in some lavish lightings and adding some greenery and flowers to every room. These give you more vacation-like feels whenever you are at home.