Some people agree that a “best man” speech is often one of their favourite parts of a wedding. One of the main reasons behind this is that they get to listen to a guy telling stories about his best friend and how much he loves the groom. They often involve speeches about how the two have been friends for many years, portraying the message in a touching and priceless manner. In reality, guys are never this open-hearted in their usual day to day lives. We strongly believe that everyone needs a lot more of those heart-warming and tear-jerking “best man” speeches. For this reason, we are offering a guide in detail on how to create a great speech. We will also touch on the don’ts and the dos of the process and ways to assist you in avoiding possible failures that often happen in these situations. This can include blurting out embarrassing secrets or talking about one of the groom’s diminishing college or university stories.

Here is a bit of general information when it comes to writing a speech.

If you have landed on this page, you are probably looking for a way to ensure your speeches into the future are different. So, let’s begin this discussion on a few of the more basic points that you should be considering. To start off, you need to keep in mind that the audience will more than likely remember more about who was actually talking as opposed to everything that you have to say. What this means is that every speech, regardless of its purpose, will involve two primary goals. This includes achieving an impression that is positive and leaving your audience with a few memorable thoughts. While the rest will be for fun.

Below are a few vital recommendations you need to be aware of:

1. Be Memorable

This may seem like a bit of a challenge as it will take skill and imagination to become memorable. In fact, in many cases, just one line could make up for the entire speech. You need to find a way to grab the attention of your audience with tricks such as a contrasting statement or a clever joke. Analogies, metaphors, axioms or surprises work well, just make sure you include them in the correct spots.

2. Be Natural

When you make a speech, your audience will regard your speech and yourself as a single unit. What this means is that if they are not buying into you, they will probably resist the speech. Focus on humanizing yourself, which will allow for an easier way to connect with an audience. You can achieve this is in the way of sharing stories which relate to your main theme, or reference to family that shows you can be trusted. Keep in mind that you are not selling anything, but rather you need to focus on being yourself.

The aspects that are involved in writing wedding speeches:

Now we get to more of the specifics. Wedding speeches are classified as a speech type that is used for a special occasion. For this reason, it comes with a few unique nuances:

Jokes are always great, yet avoid making them clumsy

It may seem obvious about what to avoid but is still important to avoid the jokes that will means something opposite to “I love you and your bride”, especially if you are not sure how your audience will take it.

Avoid making a speech that talks about yourself

You can still tell a short story at the beginning of the speech about your acquaintance to the groom, but make sure it is short. Forget about a speech that contains your own biography, the biography of your friend, or a combination of your biographies. This speech has nothing to do with you, but rather about the groom along with his bride.

Make sure your speech is short, interesting and to the point for everyone in attendance

The guests at a wedding will not enjoy listening to a speech that is 20 minutes or longer about your parties, college years or inside jokes. Two minutes is more than enough.

Avoid forgetting to mention the bride

If you have a friendship with the bride, talk about it. This will probably be the only chance you will get to let her know what a great person she is and that you really care for her. However, on the other hand, if you do not know her well or perhaps you do not like her, then avoid any hypocrisy, and rather focus this part of the speech on how she has made your friend so happy.

Some of the topics to avoid

Divorce, sex, ex-girlfriends and children unless the bride and groom have plans to have a child soon, these topics are taboo.  Also don’t give too much information away about the stag do as the groom may not have told his bride what went on! Don’t bore them with too many details from your stag party as to how clever you were to secure some Spanish football tickets for you all.

Avoid being rude

Always remember your manners even when you have already consumed a few drinks. When you deliver a toast to the wedding, never include the f-word. End the speech on a note that is positive Make sure your speech ends on a happy, memorable and strong note. Now that you have an understanding of the basics, you can begin with your draft. We hope these steps will assist you in making a perfect speech.